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Description:Talaromyces intermedius (Apinis) Stolk & Samson, comb. nov. - Fig. 5
Arachniotus intermedius Apinis - Mycol. Pap. 96: 45. 1964 (basionym).
Colonies on malt agar spreading broadly, attaining a diameter of 8 cm within 2 weeks at 25° C, consisting at maturity (3 to 4 weeks) of a dense layer of ascomata produced at or near the agar surface, showing conspicuous pink shades approximating Light Corinthian Red (Ridgway, Pl. 27; Rayner, 3"b) embedded in and covered by a floccose to funiculose, usually pinkish aerial mycelium. Conidial state lacking or very scanty, not affecting the colony appearance. Exudate in clear to pinkish drops. Odour spicy. The species has a tendency to produce creamish to yellowish sterile mycelial sectors. Reverse purple red, occasionally pinkish purple near Carmine and Dark Vinaceous (Ridgway, Pls. 1, 27; Rayner 1i, 1"b), yellow beneath the mycelial sectors.
Colonies on oatmeal agar attaining a diameter of 6 cm within 2 weeks, showing the same cultural characteristics and colours as on malt-agar.
Colonies on Czapek agar attaining a diameter of 4 cm within 2 weeks at 25° C, consisting of a floccose to funiculose mycelium showing yellowish to pinkish shades, producing occasionally a few ascomata, slightly zonate. Reverse yellow to brown.
Vegetative hyphae hyaline to pinkish, occasionally encrusted, 1.5-4 (-7.5) µm in diameter.
Ascomata at first white, then becoming pink, globose, variable in size, up to 1000 µm in diameter, discrete or in clusters, ripening within 2 to 3 weeks. Covering distinct, consisting of a network of closely interwoven pinkish hyphae, simulating a thin wall, surrounded by a loose weft, mainly composed of radiating, pink, encrusted hyphae, about 1.5 µm in diameter. Initials develop within 10 days as short branches or as intercalary portions of hyphae, which swell considerably, become strongly gnarled and branch profusely. Asci 8-spored, ovoidal to subglobose, 11-14.5 x 10-11 µm. Ascospores thick-walled, conspicuously spinulose, broadly ellipsoidal, 5-6 x 4-4.5 µm, spines about 0.2 µm long.
Conidial state lacking or produced very scantily, best development on hay-infusion agar. Conidiophores, when present, arising as short branches from aerial mycelium, 4-30 x 1.5-2 µm, rarely branched. Penicilli very irregular, atypical, at the most consisting of a verticil of 2 to 3 diverging phialides. Solitary phialides borne directly on aerial hyphae often present. Phialides tube-shaped, usually tapering only slightly at their apical parts, 12-20 x 1.5-2 µm, especially the solitary phialides may be very long, measuring up to 30 µm in length. Conidia hyaline or nearly so, pear-shaped to ellipsoidal, 2.7-4.5 x 2.2-3.5 µm, smooth.

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