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Description:Basidiomata dispersed in small groups. Pileus 22‒60 mm in diam., convex with depressed centre and abrupt inflexed margin, then broadly infundibuliform with inflexed to straight undulate margin, not translucently striate, ± tomentose at centre, leathery then ± innately fibrillose towards margin in older basidiomata, light yellow (± 3‒4A4), darker brownish yellow (± 3‒4A5) when young, sometimes with a slightly lilac flushes. Hymenophore composed of relatively well-developed, decurrent gill folds, not particularly close (L = 34, l = 2), branched to furcate, becoming strongly interveined with age, slightly paler than pileus; edge concolorous, even. Stipe 25‒35 × 6‒7 mm, cylindrical or slightly tapering towards base, conically broadened at apex, finely longitudinally fibrillose, whitish to very pale cream when young, then becoming yellowish and nearly concolorous with hymenophore, young massive, then hollowing with age. Context pale yellow, not strongly changing colour when injured. Smell typical cantharelloid. Taste mild. Spore print not obtained. Basidiospores (6.5‒)7.0‒7.7‒ 8.5(‒8.75) × 4.5‒5.1‒5.75(‒6.0) μm, E = 1.36‒1.50‒1.70, ellipsoid to cylindrical-ellipsoid, sometimes suballantoid, non-dextrinoid, thin-walled. Basidia (49‒)55‒77 × 8-9(‒11.5) μm, predominantly 6-spored, pedicellate-clavate, often irregular. Subhymenium well-developed, filamentous to locally rapidly inflating downward with cells up to 15 µm diam. Tramal hyphae cylindrical or subinflated, sometimes branched, thin-walled, non-dextrinoid, 2‒15 μm wide. Pileipellis a cutis composed of ± cylindrical to subinflated, often somewhat undulating or irregularly formed hyphal extremities; these 4‒9(‒15) μm wide, thin-walled to slightly thickened, rarely thick-walled (up to 1 µm thick); terminal cells mostly 30‒60(‒75) µm long, mostly subcylindrical, obtusely rounded to slightly narrowing at the very tip. Clamp connections small, abundant in all tissues. 
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