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Description:Basidiocarps effused, adnate, ceraceous. Hymenial surface at first buff, with age turning ochraceous to pale brown, slightly tuberculate to grandinioid when young, becoming odontioid to hydnoid with age, without colour changes in KOH. Aculei conical to cylindrical, ca. 1–4 per mm, up to 700 μm long. Hyphal system essentially monomitic; generative hyphae simple-septate. Subiculum fairly uniform, composed of a basal layer, with compact texture; generative hyphae somewhat horizontal, colourless, thick-walled; quasi-binding hyphae present near substratum, colourless. Hymenial layer thickening. Trama of aculei of compact texture; generative hyphae somewhat vertical, colourless, thick-walled. Cystidia lacking, but projecting hyphal ends in the hymenium may be present. Basidia clavate, 4-sterigmate. Basidiospores ellipsoid to cylindrical, smooth, thin-walled, inamyloid, non-dextrinoid, acyanophilous. 
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