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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Crepidotus calolepis (Fr.) Karsten var. calolepis
characteristics: growth rate medium, aerial mycelium white, felty, clamps absent, all hyphae rather undifferentiated, weak phenoloxydase reactions, no tyrosinase.
PiNL: advancing zone appressed, sometimes raised with a wollen bulge. Aerial mycelium granular to farinaceous, faintly zonate, white, around inoculum plug sometimes brownish; reverse white to cream, below inoculum plug darkened.
PDA: advancing zone appressed to raised, downy, hyphae hyaline. Aerial mycelium silky to felty, often glossy, white, around inoculum plug sometimes dirty brown; reverse white to darkened.
MEA: advancing zone narrow, appressed, hyphae hyaline. Aerial mycelium felty, faintly zonate, sometimes grooved, cream; reverse cream, with radial grooves.
Advancing zone of 2-3.5 µm wide, cylindric, long-celled hyphae, subterminal cell sparsely branched. Aerial mycelium of felty zones with interwoven, sparsely branched cylindric hyphae with scattered small knoblike excrescences, at times slightly flexuose and forming a loose textura intricata; inflated up to 5 µm wide plasmatic cells (monilioid hyphae) rare; erect, cystidia-like terminal cells mostly absent; strands of 2-4 parallel or twisted hyphae abundant. Submerged hyphae loose, 2-3 µm wide, distinctly branched, terminal cells blunt, cylindric. On MEA the felty mycelium did not form a conspicuous textura intricata, whereas such a structure was formed on PDA. Clamps absent.
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