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Description:Basidiomata solitary to gregarious. Pileus 25-80 mm in diam., initially convex, plano-convex to plane at maturity, sometimes with irregular lobes or central depression or umbilicate; surface dry, velutinous, sometimes with small and erect scales at the margin, non-staining, azonate, combination of pale orange to light orange (5A3-4) with brown (6D8) centre which becoming paler gradually towards the margin to pale orange to light orange (5A3-4), rarely brownish orange (6C8) throughout at maturity; margin entire, becoming somewhat sinuous and lobed with age. Stipe 30-55 × 8-14 mm, eccentric to lateral, cylindrical, mainly tapering towards base, white (A1) at apex, gradually brownish towards the base, brown (7D8) at base. Spines adnexed to subdecurrent, 2-9 mm long (with some shorter spines on stipe), typically spinoid, not flattened, with acute (rarely subacute) apex, sometimes joined at the base, crowded, initially white (A1), becoming orange-white to pale orange (5A3) at maturity or on bruising, gradually more brownish when drying. Context chambered in pileus and stipe, white (A1), quickly becoming pale orange (5A3) on exposure, unchanging with 10% FeSO4, and 5% KOH but turning greenish with guaiacol. Odor pleasant, slightly fruity. Spore-print white. Basidiospores globose to subglobose or rarely broadly ellipsoid, 7.5-8.4-8.5-9.5 × 6.9-7.9-8.0-8.8 µm (n = 40; Q = 1.01-1.06-1.08-1.17), thin-walled, inamyloid, apiculus cubic. Basidia subcylindric to clavate, 4-spored, rarely two-spored, clamped, 26-60 × 7-9 µm; sterigmata up to 9 µm long. Spine tip sterile; hyphae composed of interwoven hyphae being parallel towards the apex; each hyphae cylindrical, septate, clamped and with subclavate to clavate apex, thin-walled, 4-6 µm wide at apex, without crystals. Hymenophoral trama composed of hyphae in parallel to interwoven pattern, hyphae 2-11 µm wide, clamped. Pileipellis composed of loosely interwoven erect to suberect hyphae forming a trichoderm pattern, hyphae cylindrical to swollen with pale yellow intracellular pigmentation, thin-walled, clamped, 2-9 µm wide, with cylindrical to subfusoid or appendiculate tips. Stipitipellis composed of erect to suberect hyphae forming a cutis pattern, hyphae mostly with orange intracellular pigmentation, clamped, 2-5 mm wide, with cylindrical to subfusoid or rarely appendiculate tips. Contextual hyphae interwoven, cylindrical to swollen with frequent constrictions, thin-walled, yellowish, clamped, 2-12 µm wide. 
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