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Description:Cap: 8.5-15 mm broad, paraboloid, surface smooth, faintly striate up to 1/3 from margin, young pale brown (ca. Y50M60C30) to yellowish brown (ca. Y80M40C10) towards margin, at maturity warm chesnut brown (ca. Y50M90C60), center darker (ca. Y50M99C80) hygrophanous, fading to pale flesh-coloured brown, without pinkish tones. Lamellae: Subventricose, broadly adnate, subdistant, light greyish brown with a minutely white fimbriate edge. Veil: Sparse, quickly volatile, forming in mature specimens numerous but fugacious white filaments on the cap and fascicles of fibrils appendiculate at the margin and on lower 2/3 of the stem. Stipe: 17-24 x 1.8-2.8 mm, cylindrical, hollow, whitish or isabelline, then discolouring to dirty brown from the base, apex pruinose, densely covered by fibrillous veil remnants on lower 2/3, not radicant. Trama: Smell slightly raphanoid, taste inconspicuous. Spores: 8-10.6 (-11.3) x (4.5-) 5-6.3 (-8) µm, Ø = 8.9-10.3 x 5.2-5.8 µm, Q=(1.10-) 1.50-1.90 (-2.00), Ø = 1.7, smooth, ellipsoid to slightly ovoid in front view, laterally somewhat flattened and weakly amygdaliform, with a distinct central and truncate germ pore (1.5-1.8 µm wide) and a well visible apiculus. In water and ammonia solution dark reddish brown, in potassium hydroxide solution black brown with a reddish hue, nearly opaque. Basidia: 19-27 x 9.5-11 µm, clavate, 4-spored, rarely 2-spored. Pleurocystidia: 28-48 x 11-17.7 µm, very numerous, mostly spatula-shaped and strongly pediculated, also but less usual clavate or ventricose with a short neck and an obtuse or subcapitate apex, often with a faintly thickened brown coloured wall (0.5 µm). Cheilocystidia: Of two types, A) predominantly lageniform and sublageniform, not distinctly pediculated, with a long, large and sometimes flexuous neck, tapering to an obtuse and rarely bifurcated apex; also but less usually ventricose with a subcapitate apex, 27-55 x 8-12 µm, colourless and thin walled, very numerous and densely packed all along the edge without gaps, B) clavate and spheropedunculate, 16.5-22 x 11-13.7 µm, hidden by the cheilocystidia, colourless, rare. Caulocystidia: Similar to the cheilocystidia or versiform, sometimes with a slightly thickened wall, occasionally up to 90 µm long, numerous. Gill trama: Yellowish brown; noteworthy is the presence of numerous greenish pyramidal cristals in the hymenium. Cutis: Several layers of usual clavate and spheropedunculate cells. Clamps: Present 
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