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 Add this item to the list  Clavaria complana, n. sp.
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Description:Clavaria complana, n. sp.
Forming a mass 3 ins. (7.5 cm.) high and 5 ins. (12.5 cm.) broad. From the solid base dividing repeatedly into slender branches which then become flattened and expanded, and then again divide into slender digitate processes 4 in. (6 mm.) long, pale pinkish tussore, becoming brownish salmon, when damp staining paper pinkish salmon. Spores hyaline, subspherical, 5.2 to occasionally 7 µm.
N.S.W. - Sydney suburb, probably Hornsby, June 13, 1916 (Kew, No. 68).
Miss Wakefield reported as follows: - "The habit is like that of C. flabellata Wakef. from New Caledonia, but the colour is different and the spores larger. It differs from most of the other large branched forms in its hyaline spores."

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