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Description:Colonies on natural substratum effuse, medium brown, crystalline and glistening with needle-like conidia. Mycelium partly immersed and partly superficial, comprising pale to medium brown, 1.54 m wide, smooth, septate, branched hyphae. Setae and Stromata absent. Conidiophores erect, solitary or loosely aggregated in groups of 23, cylindrical, (24)4070  34.5(5.5) m, pale to medium brown, uniform in width and colour, straight, unbranched, smooth-walled, 24-septate, base slightly bulbous (ca. 5.5 m diam), conically truncate at the apex with a thickened conidial scar, non-proliferating or very rarely regenerating percurrently. Conidia acrogenous, acicular, straight, (46)6077(100)  45.5(6) m, smooth-walled, very pale brown, uniform in colour, with 816 distosepta, sometimes slightly constricted at the septa, obtuse or rounded at the apex, obconically truncate at the base, with a thickened hilum. 
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