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Description:Basidiomata medium-sized, subcaespiotose. Pileus convex to applanate, slightly depressed in the center, yellow, orangish yellow to orange, dry to subviscid, slightly when wet, never gelatinized or glutinous. Lamellae adnate to decurrent, concolorous with pileus, with usually furcate and interveined lamellulae. Stipe yellow to whitish, or almost concolorous with pileus, yellow or covered by white to yellowish white tomentum. Basidiospores ellipsoid to ellipsoid-oblong, ovoid, Qm = 1.6-1.7, thin-walled, inamyloid, hyaline, smooth; basidia usually 4-sterigmate, 41-80 μm long, ratio of basidia to basidiospore length up to 8, with basal clamp connection. Pileipellis and stipitipellis a cutis. Lamellar trama subregular. Clamp connections present throughout. 
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