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 Add this item to the list  Cantharellus corrugatus, n. sp.
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Description:Cantharellus corrugatus, n. sp.
Pileus 1 inch in diameter, irregularly convex, then expanded with the edge a little flattened, the edge turned in when young, when moist semitranslucent greyish-white and striate, drying from the centre to become pure white and scarcely striate. Gills distant, many short, sometimes forked and connected by numerous transverse wrinkles, white. Stem 24 inches high, a little wavy, becoming attenuated at the base, hollow, rather cartilaginous, white with a slight brown tint below. Spores 7 to 8.5 x 3.8 µm.
Subcaespitose amongst dead wood at the `base of a log. Kendall, May, 1917. (Miss Clarke, Watercolour 159; Herb., J. B. C., Form. Sp. 282.)
We have given the specific name "corrugates" to the species on account of the wrinkled appearance presented by the intercommunicating veins. (Pl. xxix., fig. 2.)

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