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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Poria subaurantiaca Rodw. et Clel. (L., subaurantiacus, somewhat orange). - Forming rather indeterminate patches, sometimes with an obtuse upturned margin, up to 7 x 5 cm. in size, of a pale dull orange tint (Warm Buff, XV., to Ochraceous Buff, XV., or paler than Capucine Orange, III., the ochraceous buff appearing on the under surface), rather soft to the touch, up to 4 mm. thick. Subiculum very thin, the total thickness composed chiefly of the pores which may be stratose. Pores oblique, about 3 in 1 mm., the orifices a little polygonal, dissepiments rather thin, thicker when the tubes are very oblique. Tasmania. New South Wales. March. 
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