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Description:Basidioma pustulate at first, pulvinate to discoid, confluent, 0.5–3 mm diam, gelatinous, white, becoming a layer of varnish when drying; hymenophore amphigenous, smooth; margin determinate. Hyphal system monomitic. Hyphae thin- to thick-walled, smooth, or incrusted, loosely interwoven, sparsely ramified, 2–4 µm wide, without clamps. Basidia 37–48 × 5–6 µm, hyaline, guttulate, subcylindrical to subclavate, without basal clamp, two sterigmata, 21–30 × 3 µm. Spores (14–)15–18 × 5–6(–7) µm ( = 15.8 × 5.95 μm), hyaline, ellipsoid, tri-septate at maturity, thin-walled, smooth, with oil drops, Q (L/W) = 2.65. 
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