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Description:Pileus 20–70 mm wide, irregularly round, convex, becoming shallowly convex to depressed, occasionally umbilicate; margin thin, wavy to lobed, incurved becoming decurved; surface matt, glabrous; pale to cream white (“Pale Ochraceous Buff”), quickly bruising orange (“Zinc Orange” or “Xanthine Orange”, 6A6-8). Spines 1–7 mm long, brittle in mass and breaking easily, adnate to subdecurrent, white to cream-orange (“Pale Ochraceous Buff” to “Light Ochraceous Buff”, 4A2–5A3). Stipe 17–50  6–21 mm, central or eccentric, terete or clavate; concolorous with the pileus, easily bruising orange (5A2). Context thin, firm, cream white, staining orange (“Xanthine Orange” to “Mars Yellow”, 6A8 to 5B6–B7), especially in young specimens at base of stipe flesh within five minutes when cut in half. Odor mild or sweet and fruity. Taste mild. 
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