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Description:Pileus 20–90 mm wide, round or occasionally reniform, convex becoming plano-convex to depressed, sometimes umbilicate; surface matt, glabrous, sometimes cracking into? scales at the center; light cream yellow to cream orange buff (“Marguerite Yellow” to “Light Ochraceous Buff”, 4A3–A5 to 5A2–A4), yellow in KOH, negative in FeSO4; margin thin, entire, incurved when young then decurved and sometimes wavy in age, staining rusty orange-brown (“Ochraceous-Orange” to “Mars Yellow”, 6A5 to 5B6–B7). Spines 1–8 mm long, adnexed to decurrent, cream white to pale orange-cream (5A1–A2). Stipe 20–60  5–21 mm thick, central or eccentric, sometimes curving, equal or enlarging towards base; cream white or slightly lighter than pileus, staining rusty orange-brown (5B6-B8). Context spongy, cream white to pale orange-cream, slowly staining orange ((5A4–6)) throughout after five minutes where cut. Odor mild or sweet. Taste mild or pleasant. 
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