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Description:A new class of the phylum Ascomycota containing the single order Candelariales with the two families Candelariaceae and Pycnoraceae. Thallus crustose to squamulose, peltate-subumbilicate, or microfoliose, rarely lichenicolous and without thallus, often bright yellow; photobiont chlorococcoid; cephalodia absent. Ascomata apothecial, lecanorine or rarely biatorine (Candelariaceae) or lecideine (Pycnoraceae). Hamathecium consisting of unbranched to slightly branched paraphyses, amyloid. Asci with apical tholus, clavate; outer wall amyloid, tholus weakly amyloid except for a darker amyloid, ring-shaped structure in the lower part; containing 8 to many (64) ascospores (Candelariaceae). Ascospores hyaline, non-septate to (indistinctly) 1–3-septate, ellipsoid to citriform, non-amyloid. Asexual morphs where known pycnidial. Conidia hyaline, non-septate, ellipsoid to bacillar, sometimes curved. Secondary chemistry: pulvinic acid derivates (Candelariaceae) or depsides (alectorialic acid; Pycnoraceae) 
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