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Description:Macroconidia abundant on CLA, less abundant on PDA and SNA, formed on sporodochia on CLA and on aerial conidiophores on SNA and PDA, falcate, (50–)53–63(–68) × (5–)6–8(–9) µm (av. 58 × 7 µm), 3–5-septate, with apical cells papillate, basal cells foot-shaped. Conidiogenous cells mono- or polyphialidic on sporodochia, or on aerial hyphae, or formed directly from hyphae as lateral phialides, (5–)9–25(–38) × (3–)4–7(–9) µm. Microconidia abundant on PDA and SNA, less frequent on CLA, ovoid to ellipsoid, (9–)21(–33) × (2–)3(–6) μm (av. 15 × 5 µm), 0–2-septate, arranged in false heads on branched conidiophores carried on hyphae. Aerial conidiophores rare on CLA and SNA, formed abundantly on PDA, branched sparsely or formed laterally. Chlamydospores globose to subglobose, formed laterally, intercalary or terminally, single or in pairs, (6–)8–10(–11) × (6–)7–9(–11) µm, abundantly produced on SNA after 7 d, rough-walled. Culture characteristics: Colony on PDA showing optimal growth at 25 °C with an average growth rate of 3.8–4.1 mm/d. Colony reverse violet, mycelium becoming purple, and pigmented with age. Colony surface dry, cottony violet in the centre, and white towards the margin. No exudates observed. Aerial mycelium abundant, cottony, with moderate sporulation. Sporodochia formed abundantly on CLA after 7 d, pale orange to orange. 
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