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Description:Basidiomata of ceriporioid habitus, annual, orbicular, confluent into large effused patches or loca stalactite-like formations; hymenophore poroid, ceraceous, with resinous deposites. Subiculum white to cream, soft-fibrous. Hyphal system pseudodimitic. Generative hyphae with clamp connections, hyaline, often encrusted by resinous granules, CB–. Pseudoskeletal hyphae thick-walled, yellowish, with scattered phanerochaetoid clamps, CB+. Leptocystidia hyphoid, intrahymenial. Basidia utriform, with central constriction, 4-spored, with clamp at the base. Basidiospores oblong-ellipsoid to lacrymoid thin-walled, IKI–, CB–. 
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