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Description:Basidiomata of tyromycetoid habitus, large; tube layer glazing when dry. Upper context soft-fibrous, white (unchanged in KOH), pinkish to pale-umber when dry, cornescent; tube layer thick, honey-brown, then umber-brown, glazing when dry. Hyphal system monomitic. Generative hyphae with clamp connections, hyaline, in trama thin-walled, CB–, in upper context rather thick-walled, CB+. In internal tissues the aleuria and chalmydospores are produced, ellipsoid to globose, thick-walled, CB+. Cystidia none. Basidia clavate, with a central constriction, 4-spored, with clamp at the base. Basidiospores ellipsoid to subglobose, IKI–, CB–. Causes a white heartrot of living hardwoods. The genus Odoria V. Papp et Dima is similar but differs by thicker basidiospore wall, the absence of chlamydospores and the context turning red under KOH. 
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