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Description:The characteristics of the asexual structures on Ca. brasiliense are typical of fungi in the Cryphonectriaceae. These included fuscous-black stromatic tissue. Stromatic tissue stained purple in 3% KOH and orange in lactic acid staining. The fungus from Ca. brasiliense had superficial neck and immersed conidiomatal base, stromatic tissues of Textura globulosa to intricate in the center, fuscous-black to orange in the center, conidiomata pyriform to pulvinate with internal cavities, similar multilocules and convoluted, with one neck with ostiolar septate single or branched hyphae. Conidiophores are aseptate, flask-shaped, hyaline. Conidiogenous cells are flask-shaped with attenuated apices. Paraphyses are absent. Conidia are hyaline, cylindrical, fusoid to ellipsoid, aseptate. Sexual morph is unknown. 
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