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Description:Basidiomata medium to large-sized. Pileus 5–10 cm in diameter, convex to applanate; surface dry, finely tomentose, dirty white to pale brown; context 0.5–1.8 cm in thickness in the center of the pileus, white, changing bluish quickly when injured, then back to white. Hymenophore poroid, depressed around apex of stipe; pores subrotund, 0.3–0.5 mm in diameter, reddish to reddish brown when young, then yellow or yellowish brown, changing bluish black when injured; tubes about 0.5–1 cm in length, yellowish, changing bluish quickly when injured. Stipe 5.5–9 × 0.7–1.5 cm, central, subcylindric, solid, usually flexuous; surface dry, densely covered with pale brown, brown to reddish brown, minute squamules; context white, sometimes tinged with pale red, unchanging in color when injured; basal mycelium white. Odor indistinct.
Basidia 21–30 × 6–8 μm, clavate, thin-walled, colorless to yellowish in KOH; four-spored, sterigmata 3–4 μm in length. Basidiospores [220/12/5] (8.5–)9–11(–12) × 3.5–4.5 μm, Q=(2.00–)2.22–2.67(–2.86), Qm=2.43 ± 0.17, subfusoid and inequilateral in side view with a weak or distinct suprahilar depression, elliptic-fusiform to subfusiform in ventral view, slightly thick-walled (up to 0.5 μm), olive brown to yellowish brown in KOH, smooth. Hymenophoral trama boletoid; composed of yellowish in KOH, 4–10 μm wide, thin-walled hyphae. Cheilocystidia 25–40 × 7–10 μm, fusiform or subfusiform, thin-walled, colorless to yellowish in KOH, no encrustations. Pleurocystidia 35–45 × 6–11 μm, fusiform or subfusiform, thin-walled, colorless to yellowish in KOH, no encrustations. Pileipellis a trichoderm about 100–200 μm thick, composed of slightly interwoven, nearly colorless in KOH, 5–8 μm wide, thin-walled hyphae; terminal cells 28–35 × 5–10 μm, clavate or subclavate, with obtuse apex. Pileal trama made up of hyphae 4–8 μm in diameter, slightly thick-walled (up to 0.5 μm), colorless to yellowish in KOH. Stipitipellis hymeniform about 80–100 μm thick, composed of thin-walled emergent hyphae, yellowish in KOH, with clavate, subclavate, fusiform or subfusiform terminal cells (27–43 × 6–11 μm), and occasionally with scattered clavate, 4-spored basidia. Stipe trama composed of longitudinally arranged, parallel hyphae 3–6 μm wide, cylindrical, thin-walled, colorless to yellowish in KOH. Clamp connections absent in all tissues.
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