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Description:PROTHALLUS absent. THALLUS pale ochraceous, endolithic, somewhat inconspicuous, algal cells 5–8 m, rather sparsely occurring in the rock. PERITHECIA 0.14–0.21 mm, 1/2–(3/4)-immersed, not leaving pits or leaving shallow pits; 110–150 perithecia / cm2. OSTIOLE tiny, pale, plane or depressed, c. 10–20 m wide. INVOLUCRELLUM apical to covering half of the exciple, 30–40 m thick. EXCIPLE 0.14–0.17 mm, wall dark brown to black, c. 12–15 m thick. PERIPHYSOIDS c. 10–14 × 1.5–2 m. ASCI 8-spored. ASCOSPORES 0-septate (15.1–)16.0–17.3–18.5(–19.8) × (7.3–)7.7–8.2–8.6(–9.3) m (n=38). 
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