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Description:Pileus 7–20 mm broad, conical-convex, truncate conical to broadly campanulate, dark reddish brown (8D2–8D3) at first, becoming pale beige brownish (5B2–5C2), dry, slightly hygrophanous, densely covered by reddish brown erect or suberect squamules and fibrils; fibrils much denser at disc, margin not striate or very slightly striate only. Lamellae adnate to sinuate, ventricose, up to 2.5 mm wide, relatively thick, with two tiers of lamellulae, brownish pink when mature, with concolorous and entire edges. Stipe 40–73 × 0.8–2 mm, central, cylindrical, hollow, densely covered with rust reddish hairs or fibrils, very dark brown strigose at base. Odor and taste not distinctive. Basidiospores (12.5–) 13–17 × 7.5–9.5 µm (x = 15.2 ± 0.5 × 8.5 ± 0.3 µm), Q = 1.53–1.98 (Q = 1.76 ± 0.02), heterodiametrical, with 6–8- angles, sometimes multi-angled to nodulose, pale brownish. Basidia (32–) 38–45 (–50) × 12–16 µm, clavate, 4-spored. Aborted basidia inconspicuous. Lamellar edges sterile. Cheilocystidia 25–50 × 12–18 µm, broadly clavate, with faintly pale brownish, intracellular pigment. Pleurocystidia absent. Pileipellis a trichoderm composed of brown hyphae; terminal cells 23–110 × 6–18 µm (diameter was measured at the base), slender setiform, gradually tapering towards subacute apex, sometimes subfusoid to somewhat bullet-shaped, thick-walled, with intraparietal and intracellular brown pigment; subpellis composed of cylindrical, relatively thin-walled hyphae, encrusted with yellow-brown pigment. Stipitipellis composed of loosely entangled, rather slender hyphae; terminal cells 45–120 × 5–11 µm (diameter was measured at the base), distinctly setiform with obtuse or subacute apex, thick-walled, with intraparietal and intracellular brown pigment. Oleiferous hyphae absent. Clamp connections absent. 
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