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Description:Colonies slow-growing, moist, white, buff or cream, lacking aerial mycelium. Sporulation conidia formed in conidiomata, on hyphal cells and by microcyclic conidiation. Conidiophores reduced to conidiogenous cells. Conidiogenous cells enteroblastic, intercalary, reduced to discrete phialides or more often with collarettes formed directly on hyphal cells. Conidia aggregated in masses around the hyphae and on the agar surface. Conidiomata solitary or aggregated, immersed to superficial, subglobose, unilocular, wall composed of angular to roundish cells, dehiscence irregular, appearing cup-shaped when mature. Conidiophores hyaline, branched, septate, constricted at the septa. Conidiogenous cells enteroblastic, hyaline, conidiogenous loci formed laterally in each cell just below the septum as well as terminally (acropleurogenous). Conidia of conidiomata and intercalary hyphal cells small, hyaline, 1-celled, cylindrical, straight or slightly curved. 
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