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Description:The fungus differentiates orange brown to dark orange brown, triple-layered spores, 93–151× 90–148 µm in diameter, terminally on funnel-shaped to rarely cylindrical or slightly inflating hyphae, and straight to rarely curved, often plug-like septa that close the spore pore at the spore base. Spore wall (SW) triple-layered. Outer layer SWL1 is hyaline to subhyaline, evanescent, 1.2–1.8 µm thick. SWL2 is subhyaline, evanescent to semi-persistent middle layer, and 1.5–2.8 µm thick. SWL3 is orange brown to dark orange brown, persistent and finely laminate, 3.8–8.5 µm thick, and is crowded with circular to ovoid, to oblong or boomerang-like, concave pits, 4.0–15.0(–22) × 3.8–14.0(–18) µm in diam, and 0.8–2.5 µm. None of the three layers stains, when exposed to Melzer's reagent. Subtending hyphae (SH) of spores straight or recurved, to rarely flared, generally funnel-shaped, to rarely cylindrical or constricted, or slightly inflating in about 10–25 µm distance from the spore base. SH 12–23 µm broad at spore base, usually tapering to 9–14 µm within 10–40 µm distance to the spore base. All three spore wall layers continue in the subtending hyphae. SWL1 & SWL2 usually evanescent and regularly missing already on young, but mature spores. SWL3 tapering from 4.0–8.0 µm at the spore base to 1.5–3.8 µm within 10–40 µm distance. Pore approximately 4.0–8.0 µm at spore base, generally closed by a strong, straight to rarely curved septum, about (1.5–)2.5–5.0 µm thick. 
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