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Description:Thallus effuse, squamiform; squamules medium sized, adnate, isodiametrical or rarely somewhat elongated at the thallus margin, entire to crenulate or incised, plane to weakly convex; upper side pale green, glabrous, epruinose; margin concolorous with upper side, sometimes finely pubescent; isidia numerous, both marginal and laminal on the squamules, cylindrical, simple, up to 0.2 × 1.5 mm; upper cortex of type 1, 35–60 µm thick, containing crystals dissolving in K (K–); medulla containing a few scattered crystals dissolving in K (K–); prothallus usually well developed, white. Apothecia rare, up to 1 mm diam., irregular, conglomerate, weakly convex, medium brown, with an indistinct, paler margin; ascospores narrowly ellipsoid to fusiform, simple, 12.5–16 × 3.5–4 µm (n=20). Conidiomata not seen. 
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