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Description:Thallus effuse, crustose; areoles minute, granular, up to 0.1 mm diam., scattered or contiguous, pale to medium green, dull, glabrous or slightly pubescent; isidia ca. 0.1 mm thick, up to 0.4 mm long, simple, more or less straight, pale to medium green, glabrous, adnate to ascending; upper cortex poorly defined, formed by 1–2 layers of thin-walled hyphae with rounded lumina, not containing crystals; medulla containing crystals dissolving in K; prothallus poorly to partly well developed, white. Apothecia common, up to 1.5 mm diam., round or slightly irregular, sometimes conglomerate, weakly to moderately convex, orange brown to medium brown, with an indistinct, slightly paler or slightly darker, glabrous margin; excipulum orange brown in inner part, paler at the rim, K+ purple; hypothecium orange brown, K+ purple; epithecium colourless; no crystals or granules in the apothecium; ascospores narrowly ellipsoid to fusiform, simple, 6.5–9.5 × 2–2.5 µm (n=30). Conidiomata not seen. 
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