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Remarks (public):Host: Pistacia vera.

Distribution: Madera County, California, USA.
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Description:Sexual morph: Undetermined. Asexual morph: Conidiophores simple or complex. Simple conidiophores short and sparsely branched, (30–)62.7(–86.3) µm long terminating in a whorl of phialides. Phialides monophialidic, cylindrical, tapering toward the aperature, (12.2–)19.2(–29.1) µm long, (1.7–)2.3(–2.7) µm wide at the base, and (1.3–)1.5(–1.6) µm wide at the apex. Macroconidia on SNA produced predominately in sporodochial pulvinate domes of slimy masses, (1–)3-septate, generally cylindrical, smooth-walled, some slightly curved, slightly wider at the base, with rounded end cells; one-septate conidia (17.6–)19.9(–22.6) × (2.6–)3.4(–4.4) µm; two-septate conidia (17.9–)21.5(–23.6) × (2.6–)3.4(–4.1) µm; three-septate conidia (20.8–)23.4(–27.3) × (2.9–)3.7(–4.3) µm. Microconidia and chlamydospores not observed on SNA.

Culture characteristics: Colonies after 14 d average 55.3 mm on PDA, medium-growing with even margin expansion. Center of colony on PDA is COLOR with abundant floccose aerial hyphae producing a cottony texture with a flat and submerged off-white margin with sparse aerial hyphae emerging directly behind the advancing front. Optimal growth temperature was 20 °C.
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