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Description:Pileus 5-10 mm in diameter, hemispherical to convex, surface with dense white tomentulose, hygrophanous when moist, obliterate striate, blue when young, tuning later fadind to light blue or whitish. Lamellae white, broad, 16-19, adnexed, generally with two, occasionally with three series of lamellulae, edges with white-granulose. Stipe 10-25 x 0.7-1 mm, cylindrical, whitish-yellow, with tomentulose, the base densely covered with whitish mycelium. Flesh thin, odor and taste not determinable. Spores 8-11 x 4-6 μm, elliptic, hyaline, smooth, with or without drop, inamyloid. Basidia cylindric-clavate, 20-30 x 8-10 m, with 2 sterigmata. Cheilocystidia 15-24 x 4-6 μm, cylindric-fusiform, apex with smooth rounded head. Pileipellis of spherical to clavate cells, the uppermost with pileocystidia, 50-100 m long, cylindric. The cortical layer at the stipe apex with caulocystidia up to 150 m long, cylindric to subulate. Septa with clamps. 
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