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Remarks (public):known only from the Azores archipelago 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Diagnosis. Species characterized by pale to moderately brownish thallus consisting of goniocysts, convex to subglobose, emarginate, pale greyish brown to dark brown (with Superba-brown pigment) apothecia measuring 0.1–0.3 mm in diam., (0–)1-septate, narrowly ellipsoidal to ovoid ascospores measuring 9–11 × (2.5–)3–4 µm, sessile to slightly stalked, pale to moderately brown mesopycnidia, bacillar mesoconidia measuring 6.5–8 × 0.9–1.1 µm and the production of micareic acid. Description. Thallus inconspicuous, thinly scurfy to somewhat farinose-granular, pale to moderately brownish and consisting of goniocysts; prothallus not seen; apothecia abundant, convex to subglobose, emarginate, pale greyish-brown to dark brown, often unevenly coloured in a single apothecium (partly dark, partly pale), 0.1‒0.3 mm in diam.; hymenium c. 32‒40 µm high; epihymenium with grey-brown pigment, K‒, C‒ (Superba-brown); hypothecium hyaline; paraphyses, abundant, branched, c. 1.0–1.5(–1.8) µm wide, tips not widened and not pigmented; asci 25–35 × 11–14 µm, 8-spored; ascospores narrowly ellipsoidal to ovoid, (0–)1-septate, 9–11 × (2.5–)3–4 µm; mesopycnidia occasionally abundant, sessile to slightly stalked, 40–60 µm in diam., pale to moderately brown, the ostiole sometimes gaping; mesoconidia bacillar, simple, 6.5‒8 × 0.9‒1.1 µm; crystalline granules (studied in polarized light) visible in epithecium, and in thallus, soluble in K. Photobiont micareoid, cells thin walled, 4–10 µm diam., clustered in compact groups. Chemistry. Micareic acid detected by TLC. Superba-brown in apothecia (epihymenium). 
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