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Remarks (public):found in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Diagnosis. Species morphologically similar to Micarea viridileprosa, characterized by sorediate thallus, delimited or diffuse and confluent soralia with green or locally bluish soredia produced from the thallus areoles, white and immarginate when mature apothecia, 0.2–0.3 mm in diam., cylindrical to ellipsoidal (0–)1-septate ascospores measuring 9.5–13 × 2.8–3.5 µm and the presence of methoxymicareic acid.
Description. Thallus diffuse, up to 10 cm wide, consisting of finely granular soredia, often with a powdery appearance, vivid green or green, sometimes with bluish tinge; prothallus not seen; areoles up to 25 µm in diam., green, soon bursting to produce soredia; soralia at first delimited, produced from small, convex areoles, soon fused and confluent, sometimes forming a sorediate continuous layer; soredia simple, up to 20 µm in diam., sometimes slightly elongated, or in more or less rounded consoredia up 35 µm in diam. apothecia rarely present, adnate, first with indistinct margin, then immarginate, 0.2–0.3 mm in diam., white or slightly brownish; excipulum in young apothecia present, 15–25 µm wide, of thin irregular hyphae; hymenium c. 30‒42 µm high; epihymenium and hypothecium hyaline; paraphyses thick (in K), branched and anastomosing, c. 1.2‒1.5 µm wide; asci 29–35 × 7–10 µm; ascospores cylindrical to ellipsoidal, 9.5–13 × 2.8–3.5 µm, (0–)1-septate; micropycnidia present in some specimens, c. 60 µm in diam., with dark brown tops (K–); microconidia narrow fusiform to bacilliform, 7 × 0.8 µm; mesoconidia 3.8 × 1.4 µm; crystalline granules (studied in polarized light) visible in hymenium and in thallus, soluble in K.
Photobiont micareoid, cells thin walled, 4–8(–9) µm diam.
Chemistry. Methoxymicareic acid detected by TLC. Soredia in exposed habitats with Sedifolia-grey pigment, K+ violet.
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