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Remarks (public):so far known only in Poland from Białowieża Forest 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Diagnosis. Species characterized by isidiate thallus, pale grey to grey beige apothecia with Sedifolia-grey pigment, 0–1-septate, ovoid, ellipsoidal or oblong ascospores measuring 7–13 × 3.5–4.5 μm and the presence of methoxymicareic acid. Description. Thallus crustose, indeterminate, endosubstratal to rarely episubstratal in non-isidiate parts and then as a thin greenish film over the substrate or minutely areolate, isidiate; prothallus not evident; areoles up to 0.1 mm in diam., green, soon developing isidia; isidia branched and coralloid, crowded and forming almost a continuous layer over the substrate, but separated in younger parts of thalli, green to olive green, up to 0.5 mm tall and 30 μm wide, with a distinct and complete hyphal layer; apothecia rarely developed (in 2 specimens only), beige with spots of grey pigment, pale grey to grey beige, up to 0.5 mm in diam., irregular in shape, convex, with a white rim; excipulum as a narrow, hyaline zone, hyphae radiating, branched and anastomosing; hymenium up to 45 μm tall; epihymenium partly olive-grey due to the presence of Sedifolia-grey pigment (K+ violet, C+ violet) confined to the gel matrix; hypothecium hyaline to pale straw coloured in upper part; paraphyses 1–1.5 μm thick, sparse, mostly apically branched and anastomosing, hyaline throughout; asci cylindrical-clavate, 30–35 × 9–12 μm, 8-spored; ascospores, 0–1-septate, ovoid, ellipsoidal or oblong, 7–13 × 3.5–4.5 μm; pycnidia not seen; crystalline granules (studied in polarized light) abundant in hymenium and isidia, soluble in K. Photobiont chlorococcoid, micareoid, cells globose to ellipsoidal, 4–7 μm in diam. Chemistry. Methoxymicareic acid detected by TLC. Sedifolia-grey in apothecia (epihymenium). 
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