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Description:Conidiophores and aerial conidia carried on aerial mycelium not observed. Sporodochia salmon to saffron, formed abundantly on carnation leaves and on the surface of the medium. Sporodochial conidiophores densely and irregularly branched, bearing apical whorls of 2-3 phialides; sporodochial phialides monophialidic, subulate to subcylindrical, 7–14 × 3–4 μm, smooth, thin-walled, with a short flared apical collarette. Sporodochial conidia falcate, slender, curved dorsiventrally, tapering towards both ends, with elongated or whip-like, curved apical cell and a barely notched to notoriously extended basal cell, (3–)4–5(–6)-septate, hyaline, thin- and smooth-walled; 3-septate conidia: (37–)41–51(–54) × 4–5 μm (av. 46 × 4 μm, n = 16); 4-septate: (45–)49–61(–69) × 3–5 μm (av. 55 × 4 μm); 5-septate conidia: (49–)59–75(–85) × 4–5 μm (av. 67 × 4 μm); 6-septate conidia: 59–84 × 4–5 μm μm (av. 74 × 4 μm, n = 4). Chlamydospores rarely formed, globose, subglobose to oval, subhyaline, smooth-walled, terminal or intercalary, solitary or in pairs or forming chains, 5–11 μm diam. 
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