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Description:Diagnosis: well-characterized by the combination of its medium-sized, firm stature, white and hard stipe, smooth and cream to pale yellowish brown pileus, nearly globose spores, (6.9)7.13-7.48-7.8(8.1) - (6.4)6.6-6.95-7.2(7.5) µm, Q = (1.03)1.05-1.08-1.11(1.13), with very low, dense spore ornamentation of minute warts and invisible suprahilar spot, a pileipellis composed of ascending, slender, irregularly wavy-undulate hyphal extremities that are often inflated at the tip, submerged pileocystidia, pale spore print and slightly unpleasant smell, as well as by its habitat in tapia (Uapaca bojeri) woodland on the Central Plateau in Madagascar. 
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