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Description:Basidiomata robust, lactarioid. Pileus 48-85 (120) mm diam., convex with decurved margin, planoconvex with depressed center when mature; dry, smooth to very finely tomentose, white becoming very pale yellowish buff to pale honey cream with cream margin and slightly honey coloured centre; context solid, white becoming very pale cream colored, no staining. Lamellae at first broadly adnate, then subdecurrent to decurrent, narrow (1.5 mm), close (ca 6-8 per cm) with some forking, and 2-3 rows lamellulae, concolorous with pileus or slightly paler. Stipe 20-50 (80) x 10-22 (30) mm, cylindric or slightly tapered to base in older material, central, smooth, dry, whitish tinged with yellowish buff or hints of pale orange to pinkish-buff; context firm, white, unchanging, dry, chalky. Basal mycelium white. Latex copious, white, unchanging, very hot and peppery. Spore deposit white. Phenol: rapidly wine red/pink; FeSO4 – rapidly brown.
Spores 6.2-7.65 (7.9) x 5.1-6.3 µm (n= 40, 7.22 ± 0.53 x 5.91 ± 0.39), Q= 1.09-1.28, subglobose to broadly ellipsoid, hyaline, asymmetric; ornamentation and spore wall amyloid, up to 0.6-1.0 µm high, composed of isolated irregular warts that join together to variable degree in very fine lines to form a very partial reticulum, plage inamlyoid. Basidia 29-40 x 5.5-11 µm, cylindric to subclavate, 2-4-spored; sterigmata 3-5 µm long. Pleuromacrocystidia 25-60 x 5-9 µm, moderately common to abundant, cylindric to fusiform. Pleuropseudocystidia 32-48 x 7-12 µm, cylindric, moderately abundant, apices occasionally mucronate. Cheilomacrocystidia 30-55 x 4-10 µm, cylindric to subclavate with capitate apices, scattered. Hymenophoral trama predominantly composed of hyaline hyphae 3-6 µm diam, interwoven with abundant sinuous lactifers up to 12 µm broad; subhymenium cellular, 2-3 tiers of parenchymatous cells, 8-14 x 5-11 µm. Pileipellis two layered: subpellis a hypoepithelium up to 100 µm thick, composed of globose to subglobose cells 8-21 (32) µm diam.; suprapellis 15-50 µm thick, composed of mostly upright thin-walled hyaline hyphae, 3-4 (5) µm diam., and abundant dermatocystidia 32-63 x 8-14 µm, cylindric to clavate, with granular contents. Pileus context heteromerous, with abundant sinuous laticiferous hyphae, 6-11 µm diam.
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