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Description:Mycelium scarcely submerged and superficial; hyphae sinuous, unbranched, smooth, 1.8–3.0 μm wide, septate, not constricted at septa, subhyaline to olive brown. Conidiophores smooth, occasionally geniculate, multiseptate, erect to slightly flexuous, oblong, proliferating sympodially; macronematous conidiophores arising terminally or laterally from hyphae, up to 80 μm long, 3.1–4.0 μm wide; semimacronematous conidiophores arising terminally or laterally from hyphae, 1.3–1.6 μm wide, pale olive brown, with a single apical scar; micronematous conidiophore arising laterally from hyphae, 3.1–3.5 μm wide. Ramoconidia straight, smooth, concolouress, subcylindrical, 7.0–13.2 × 2.9–4.3 μm, 1-septate. Secondary ramoconidia ellipsoid to subcylindrical, smooth, 7.2–12.0 × 3.1–4.2 μm, 0–1-septate in the middle, with 2–3 distal hila, proliferating sympodially. Conidia numerous, catenated, dichotomously branched in all directions, straight, smooth, with up to 7 conidia; small terminal conidia obovoid, 2.5–5.8 × 1.4–2.8 μm; intercalary conidia ovoid or limoniform, 6.0–8.2 × 2.3–4.1 μm; microcyclic conidiogenesis not observed.

Culture characteristics — (after 2 wk at 20 °C in the dark): On PDA, colonies reach 44–47 mm diam, round shape, flat, dark olive green, dusty, aerial mycelium absent, profuse sporulation, margin white and glabrous, exudates (blackish droplets) produced mainly on the outermost colony surface; reverse olive green to olive black. On MEA, colonies reach 40–43 mm diam, irregular flat growth, elevated centre, dusty, olive green to yellowish green, aerial mycelium absent, exudates absent, white filiform margin; reverse, irregular olive-black. On SNA, colonies reach a 28–30 mm diam, irregular flat growth, dusty, olive-green, profuse sporulation mainly in the centre of the colony, exudates absent; reverse olive-gray with white filiform margin. On OA, colonies reach 40–45 mm diam, round shape, flat, olive-green, abundant velvety aerial mycelium, absent on the outermost colony surface, profuse sporulation, exudates absent, margin grey-green, narrow and glabrous.
Cardinal temperature for growth — Optimum 20 °C, maximum 25 °C, minimum 5 °C
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