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Description:Setae solitary to aggregated, erect, flexuous, arising from a lobate basal cell, 15–25 µm diam, dark brown, warty, chiefly unbranched, up to 20-septate, thick-walled with large central guttules, tapering in upper part to acute apex, 120–300 × 5–8 µm. Conidiophores arranged in dense clusters around the base of setae, brown, smooth, subcylindrical, frequently branched at basal cell, 1–2-septate, 10–30 × 6–8 µm. Conidiogenous cells integrated, terminal and intercalary, 7–12 × 6–7 µm, pale brown, smooth, obclavate, tapering toward 1–3 denticulate loci, 1–1.5 µm long, 1 µm diam. Separating cells clavate to fusoid-ellipsoid, pale brown, smooth, finely guttulate, tapering toward long basal stalk and short apical locus, 17–21 × 4–5 µm. Conidia obovoid to narrowly turbinate, tapering toward base, apex rounded to subtruncate, aseptate, finely verruculose, guttulate, pale brown, (25–)27–28(–33) × (7–)8 µm. Culture characteristics — Colonies flat, spreading, with moderate aerial mycelium and feathery, lobate margin, covering dish after 2 wk at 25 C. On MEA surface olivaceus grey, reverse honey with olivaceous grey margin; on PDA surface olivaceous grey, reverse iron-grey; on OA surface iron-grey with dirty white margin. 
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