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Description:Conidiophores borne from aerial hyphae, stipes 300 – 400 (– 600) × 5–6 μm, uncoloured to pale brown, smooth walled. Vesicles spherical, 15–25 μm diam, fertile over the upper hemisphere or two thirds; metulae 6 – 8 × 2.5 – 3.0 μm; phialides acerose, 7–8 × 2.0–2.2 μm. Conidia spherical, 2.2–2.5 μm diam, walls smooth to finally roughened, borne in disordered chains.
Culture characteristics — Czapek yeast extract agar (CYA), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies 45 – 50 mm diam, plane, low and relatively sparse, lightly sulcate, velutinous; margins entire, wide; myce- lium white to pale yellow; abundant sclerotia borne on the agar surface, white at first, at maturity pale orange to orange grey (M. 5A–B3), spherical or near, 400–800 μm diam; conidial production sparse, pale yellow brown (M. 4 – 5A3); clear to pale brown exudate produced; soluble pigment absent; reverse pale yellow. Malt extract agar (MEA), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies 50 – 55 mm diam, low, plane, sparse and velutinous; margins subsurface, entire; mycelium inconspicuous, white to pale yellow brown; sclerotia moderately abundant, as on CYA except sometimes enveloped in fine white hyphae; conidial production light, yellow brown (M. 4A–B3), exudate and soluble pigment not produced; reverse uncoloured to pale orange. 25 % Glycerol nitrate agar (G25N), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies 26–30 mm diam, of white mycelium; reverse uncoloured. 37 °C, CYA, 7 d: Colonies 6–12 mm diam, of white mycelium, reverse pale.
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