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Description:Conidiophores borne from subsurface or surface hyphae, sti- pes non-septate, 700–1000 × 8–10 μm, with thick, pale brown walls, often finely roughened, with small and undistinguished footcells. Vesicles 35–50 μm diam, sometimes with pinkish walls, bearing metulae and phialides over the entire surface area. Metulae mostly 8–10(–20) × 3–3.5(–5) μm; phialides closely packed, acerose, 8 –10 × 2 – 2.5 μm. Conidia spherical, small, 2–2.2(–2.5) μm diam, with smooth to finely roughened walls, borne in radiate heads.
Culture characteristics — Czapek yeast extract agar (CYA), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies 35–40 mm diam, plane or lightly radially sulcate, low to moderately deep; margins low, entire; mycelium inconspicuous; conidiogenesis heavy, coloured pink at the margins, grading to Greyish Magenta (M. 13C3) at the centres; colourless exudate sometimes produced; soluble pigment absent; reverse brown or pinkish brown. Malt extract agar (MEA), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies 50–55 mm diam, low, plane and relatively sparse; margins subsurface to entire, low; mycelium pink or brown; sporulation heavy, coloured as on CYA; exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse yellow brown. 25 % Glyc- erol nitrate agar (G25N), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies 20 – 25 mm diam, low and dense, mycelium inconspicuous, moderately sporing in pink shades, reverse pinkish brown. 37 °C, CYA, 7 d: Colonies 15–20 mm diam, of pinkish brown mycelium, reverse pale to brown.
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