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Description:Conidiophores borne from surface hyphae, 200 – 400 × 7– 9 μm, with thick, smooth, pale yellow walls, bearing very small vesi- cles. Vesicles 9 –12 μm diam, ellipsoidal to somewhat irregular, bearing metulae and phialides over almost all of the vesicle surface, but sometimes bent to form only a hemispherical head; metulae 7–8 × 2.2–2.5 μm; phialides ampulliform 7–8 × 2.2–2.5 μm. Conidia spherical, 2.8–3.5 μm diam, with walls varying from almost smooth to conspicuously spiny, borne in compact spherical heads, even at age.
Culture characteristics — Czapek yeast extract agar (CYA), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies growing slowly, 13–17 mm diam, rather sparse, lightly floccose; margins narrow and entire; mycelium white to off white; conidial production light, pale greenish grey (M. 25–26C3); exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse greyish orange (M. 5B3–4). Malt extract agar (MEA), 25 °C, 7 d: Colonies growing slowly, 10 –14 mm diam, low, dense and velutinous; margins narrow, entire; mycelium white; conidial production heavy, dark green near Bottle Green (M. 26F3–4); exudate and soluble pigment absent; reverse brownish orange (M. 5C3). 25 % Glycerol nitrate agar (G25N), 25 °C, 7 d: Co- lonies 3 – 5 mm diam, of white mycelium only. 37 °C, CYA, 7 d: No growth.
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