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Description:Tomentella ellisii (Sacc.) Jülich & Stalpers
Holotype: U.S.A., New Jersey, ad lignum mucidum, J. B. Ellis 3540 (PAD).
Basidiocarps resupinate, adherent to the substratum, mucedinoid or crustose, continuous. Hymenophore near Fawn or Hazel (near 7.5YR 5-6/4 or rarely 7.5YR 6/2) when dry, mostly smooth, darker than or concolorous with subiculum. Subiculum yellowish or brownish. Sterile margin determinate, byssoid or farinaceous, paler than hymenophore, yellowish.
Hyphal cords absent or present in subiculum only, if present then monomitic, 20-70 µm diam, hyaline to yellowish or rarely pale brown in 3% KOH, individual hyphae clamped, 3-5 µm diam, hyaline to yellowish in 3% KOH, mostly thin-walled. Subicular hyphae clamped, 3-6 µm diam, mostly thin-walled, without encrustation, hyaline to yellowish or rarely pale brown in 3% KOH, sometimes inflated. Subhymenial hyphae clamped, 3-6 µm diam, thin-walled, often short and inflated, hyaline in 3% KOH. Cystidia absent. Basidia 40-68 µm long and 8-10 µm diam at apex, clamped at base, utriform, not stalked, often sinuous, rarely with transverse septa, hyaline and sometimes partly greenish in 3% KOH, hyaline in distilled water, 4 sterigmata. Basidiospores 7-10 µm long (often some few spores up to 13 µm long) in lateral and frontal face, triangular (with widened proximal part) or ellipsoid frontal and ellipsoid lateral face, echinulate, pale brown in 3% KOH and in distilled water, without oil drops. Chlamydospores absent.
Remarks: T. ellisii is a common species with worldwide distribution. It is close to T. radiosa and T. sublilacina, but differs from them by (on frontal face) subglobose spores; spores of T. radiosa and T. sublilacina are always triangular or sligthly lobed, and spores of T. radiosa usually have oil drops. Other characters of T. ellisii, good for identification, are a pale yellow subiculum and a sterile margin. It has sometimes a few spores much larger than the others: a character which is sometimes present in T. radiosa and always so in Pseudotomentella nigra.
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