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Description:Tomentella fuscocinerea (Pers.: Fr.) Donk
Lectotype: France (?), on soil and organic debris mixed with quartz-like crystalline material, C. H. Persoon (?), Herb. Lugd. Bat 910267-479 (L)!
Basidiocarps resupinate, adherent to the substratum, crustose, continuous. Hymenophore near Hazel or rarely Smoke Grey (near 10.0YR 6/2-4) when dry, smooth or rarely colliculose, concolorous or turning paler than subiculum. Sterile margin mostly determinate, byssoid, paler than hymenophore, almost whitish, sometimes yellowish.
Hyphal cords absent or present rarely only in subiculum, monomitic, 18-46 µm diam, yellowish to pale brown in 3% KOH, individual hyphae simple-septate, 3-5 µm diam, hyaline to pale brown in 3% KOH, thick-walled. Subicular hyphae simple-septate, 3-5.5 µm diam, thick-walled, without encrustation, hyaline to pale brown in 3% KOH. Subhymenial hyphae simple-septate, 3-5 µm diam, thin-walled, hyaline. Cystidia absent. Basidia 45-75 µm long and 8-12 µm diam at apex, clamped at base, utriform, not stalked, often sinuous, rarely with transverse septa, hyaline or rarely partly greenish in 3% KOH, hyaline in distilled water, 4 sterigmata. Basidiospores 9-12 µm long in lateral and frontal face, triangular (with widened proximal part) frontal and ellipsoid lateral face, echinulate (echinuli up to 1 Nm long), pale brown in 3% KOH and in distilled water. Chlamydospores absent.
Remarks: This is a rare, but in the Northern Hemisphere widely distributed, species. It is very close to T. cinereoumbrina and to some Thelephora species (see also discussion under Tomentella badia and T. cinereoumbrina).
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