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Remarks (internal):At present, no accepted type specimen exists for this taxon. Fries (1821) accepted the name, thus, giving it priority according to the current ICBN rules. Until a suitable collection from the type locality has been designated as a neotype, the above described collection (TENN no. 3138) can be used to determine the concept of the taxon studied in this paper. This species was placed in the genus Bankera by Pouzar (1955) and the name change was accepted by Harrison (1968), Coker and Beers (1951), Maas Geesteranus (1975), and Baird (1984). 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Hydnum fuligineo-alba Schmidt in Kunze and Schmidt. 1817. Mykol. Hefte 1:88.
Representative specimen: TENN no. 3138.
Macromorphology (preserved, mihi): Sporophore: pileus up to 6.5 cm broad, depressed, tomentose to matted, pitted, irregular, 1obed, pine needles adherent, eyebrown (7D6) to light brown (7D4-7D5); context not duplex, azonate, yellowish white (4A2) to Sahara (6C5); taste none; odor none. Stipe: up to 3.0 x 0.8 cm, central to eccentric, terete with blunt base, tomentose to matted or glabrous, concolorous with pileus flesh. Spines: up to 5.0 mm long, subdecurrent, crowded, white (4A1) to yellowish white (4A2). Chemical reactions: preserved context nonreactive in KOH or NH4OH. Micromorphology (preserved, mihi): Pileus trama hyphae: up to 12.6 µm diam., inflated, interwoven throughout the context, unclamped; gloeoplerous-like hyphae present. Stipe hyphae: up to 12.0 µm diam., interwoyen throughout the context, unclamped; g1oeoplerous-like hyphae present. Spine trama hyphae: up to 6.0 µm diam., unclamped. Basidia: (n=20) 25.0-30.0 x 4.5-5.5 µm (X= 27.38 " 2.79 x 4.88 " 0.79 µm), clavate, unclamped, 4-spored; sterigmata (n-10) 4.0-6.0 µm long (X= 4.92 " 0.51 µm). Basidiospores: (n=20) 4.0-5.0 x 3.5-4.0 µm (X= 4.44 " 0.15 x 3.89 " 0.22 µm), subglobose, hyaline; ornamentation echinulate to verrucose, spinules not prominent; hilar appendage oblique.
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