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Remarks (internal):Neotype material from W, designated by Maas Geesteranus (1974), was not sent for analysis during the study, however, his paper clarified for me the species concept for this taxon. Maas Geesteranus (1957) originally designated a lectotype for this taxon and Hydnellum scrobiculatum, when he unknowingly believed them to be synonyms of Hydnellum velutinum (Fries) Karsten. Maas Geesteranus (1971:100) later changed his mind about the species concept of H. concrescens and a thorough discussion of this can be found in that paper. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Hydnum concrescens Persoon. 1796. -Obs. Mycol. 1:74.
Type specimens (neotype, not seen)
Macromorphology (fide Persoon, ibid): Sporophore: gregarious, confluent. Pileus depressed, tuberous, obscurely dull red; surface zonate. Stipe: short, subtuberous, deformed. Spines slender, bright dusky colored. Micromorphology: No Data Available.