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General information

 Summary:Fissurina Fée, Essai sur les cryptogames des écorces exotiques officinales: xxxv, xc (1825) [MB#1994] 
 Synonymy:=Graphis Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 11 (1763) [MB#2131]
=Opegrapha Humb., Florae Fribergensis Specimen plantas cryptogamicas praesertim subterraneas exhibens: 57 (1793) [MB#3583]
=Oxystoma Eschw., Systema Lichenum, Genera Exhibens rite distincta, Pluribus Novis Adaucta: 14, 15 (1824) [MB#3662]
=Aulacographa Leight., Annals and Magazine of Natural History 13: 389 (1854) [MB#455]
=Diplolabia A. Massal. (1854) [MB#1614]
=Dyplolabia A. Massal., Neagenea lichenum: 6 (1854) [MB#1725]
=Diplographis Kremp. ex A. Massal., Atti dell´Istituto Veneto Scienze 5: 273 (1860) [MB#1612]
=Anomomorpha Nyl. ex Hue, Nouvelles Archives du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle ser. 3, 3: 167 (1891) [MB#209]
=Digraphis Clem., The genera of Fungi: 59, 174 (1909) [MB#1570]
=Graphidomyces E.A. Thomas ex Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 50, 75 (1953) [MB#2126]
 MycoBank #:1994 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fée
 Page #:xxxv, xc
 Year of effective publication:1825
 Remarks:On page 59 with 3 species: F. dumastii Fee with var. bonplandiae (p. 60), F. incrustans Fee (p. 60) and F? lactea Fee. F. dumastii is the lectotype, designated by Staiger & Kalb 2000: 116 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Fissurina abdita, Fissurina adscribens, Fissurina aggregatula, Fissurina alba, Fissurina albocinerea, Fissurina albolabiata, Fissurina albonitens, Fissurina alboscripta, Fissurina alligatorensis, Fissurina amazonica, Fissurina americana, Fissurina amyloidea, Fissurina analphabetica, Fissurina andamanensis, Fissurina aperta, Fissurina astroisidiata, Fissurina aurantiacolirellata, Fissurina aurantiacostellata, Fissurina babingtonii, Fissurina baishanzuensis, Fissurina batavana, Fissurina bullata, Fissurina canlaonensis, Fissurina capsulata, Fissurina carassensis, Fissurina chapsoides, Fissurina chrysocarpa, Fissurina chrysocarpoides, Fissurina cinereodisca, Fissurina cingalina, Fissurina coacerva, Fissurina coarctata, Fissurina colliculosa, Fissurina columbina, Fissurina comparilis, Fissurina comparimuralis, Fissurina confraga, Fissurina confusa, Fissurina consentanea, Fissurina crassilabra, Fissurina crystallifera, Fissurina cypressi, Fissurina cyrtospora, Fissurina dimorphodes, Fissurina disposita, Fissurina dumastii, Fissurina dumastioides, Fissurina duplicans, Fissurina duplomarginata, Fissurina egena, Fissurina elaiocarpa, Fissurina elixii, Fissurina evanida, Fissurina flavicans, Fissurina flavomedullosa, Fissurina fujisanensis, Fissurina furfuracea, Fissurina furfuraceae, Fissurina fuscoalba, Fissurina gigas, Fissurina glauca, Fissurina globulifica, Fissurina grammitis, Fissurina graphidis, Fissurina hemithecioides, Fissurina homichlodes, Fissurina howeana, Fissurina humilis, Fissurina ilicicola, Fissurina illiterata, Fissurina immersa, Fissurina inabensis, Fissurina incisura, Fissurina incrustans, Fissurina indica, Fissurina inquinata, Fissurina insculpta, Fissurina insidiosa, Fissurina inspersa, Fissurina instabilis, Fissurina irradians, Fissurina irregularis, Fissurina isidiata, Fissurina jaliscoensis, Fissurina karnatakensis, Fissurina khasiana, Fissurina lactea, Fissurina lactinella, Fissurina leuconephela, Fissurina longiisidiata, Fissurina longiramea, Fissurina lumbschiana, Fissurina macrospora, Fissurina marginata, Fissurina mexicana, Fissurina microcarpa, Fissurina micromma, Fissurina monilifera, Fissurina monospora, Fissurina nicobarensis, Fissurina nigririmis, Fissurina nigrolabiata, Fissurina nitida, Fissurina nitidescens, Fissurina nivea, Fissurina niveoalba, Fissurina novae-zealandiae, Fissurina novae-zelandiae, Fissurina paradoxica, Fissurina phuluangii, Fissurina platythecioides, Fissurina polygramma, Fissurina praetermissa, Fissurina pseudostromatica, Fissurina psoromica, Fissurina quadrispora, Fissurina quassiaecola, Fissurina quassiicola, Fissurina radiata, Fissurina redingerioides, Fissurina reticulata, Fissurina rubiginosa, Fissurina rufula, Fissurina rugosa, Fissurina scolecitis, Fissurina seychellensis, Fissurina shivamoggensis, Fissurina simplex, Fissurina simulans, Fissurina sporolata, Fissurina srilankensis, Fissurina stegoboloides, Fissurina streimannii, Fissurina stromatoides, Fissurina subanguinea, Fissurina subcomparimuralis, Fissurina subcontexta, Fissurina subcorallina, Fissurina subfurfuracea, Fissurina submonospora, Fissurina subnitida, Fissurina subnitidula, Fissurina subtropica, Fissurina subundulata, Fissurina tachycarpa, Fissurina tachygrapha, Fissurina taeniocarpoides, Fissurina tenuimarginata, Fissurina triticea, Fissurina tuberculifera, Fissurina tuckermaniana, Fissurina undulata, Fissurina varieseptata, Fissurina verrucosa, Fissurina virensica, Fissurina viridescens, Fissurina vorax, Fissurina zahlbruckneriana
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