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General information

 Summary:Micropuccinia Rostr., Plantepatologi. Haandbog i læren om plantesygdomme for landbrugere. havebrugere og skovbrugere: 266 (1902) [MB#16214] 
 Synonymy:=Puccinia Pers., Synopsis methodica fungorum: 225 (1801) [MB#16284]
=Bullaria DC., Flore française 2: 226 (1805) [MB#16036]
=Dicaeoma Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 541 (1821) [MB#16098]
=Eriosporangium Bertero ex Ruschenb., American Journal of Science and Arts: 259 (1831) [MB#16125]
=Solenodonta Castagne, Catalogue des plantes qui croissent naturellement aux environs de Marseille: 202 (1845) [MB#16316]
=Cutomyces Thüm., Jornal de Sciencias Mathematicas Physicas e Naturales Academia Real das Sciencias de Lisboa 6 (24): 239 (1878) [MB#16085]
=Puccinia subgen. Leptopuccinia G. Winter, Rabenhorst's Kryptogamen-Flora, Pilze - Schizomyceten, Saccharomyceten und Basidiomyceten, Edn. 2 1(1): 164 (1881) [MB#700419]
=Rostrupia Lagerh., Journal de Botanique (Morot) 3 (11): 188 (1889) [MB#16298]
=Puccinidia Mayr, Die Waldungen von Nordamerika: 337 (1890) [MB#16286]
=Leptinia Juel, Bihang till Kungliga svenska Vetenskaps-Akademiens Handlingar 23: 15 (1897) [MB#16185]
=Jackya Bubák, Österreichische Botanische Zeitschrift 52 (2): 42 (1902) [MB#16170]
=Allodus Arthur, Resultats Scientifiques du Congres International de Botanique Vienne 1905: 345 (1906) [MB#16008]
=Argotelium Arthur, Resultats Scientifiques du Congres International de Botanique Vienne 1905: 343 (1906) [MB#16026]
=Lysospora Arthur, Resultats Scientifiques du Congres International de Botanique Vienne 1905: 340 (1906) [MB#16195]
=Argomyces Arthur, North American Flora 7 (3): 217 (1912) [MB#16024]
=Xenostele Syd. & P. Syd., Annales Mycologici 18 (4-6): 178 (1921) [MB#16396]
=Coronotelium Syd., Annales Mycologici 19 (3-4): 174 (1921) [MB#16077]
=Linkiella Syd., Annales Mycologici 19 (3-4): 173 (1921) [MB#16190]
=Pleomeris Syd., Annales Mycologici 19 (3-4): 171 (1921) [MB#16266]
=Sclerotelium Syd., Annales Mycologici 19 (3-4): 172 (1921) [MB#16309]
=Lindrothia Syd., Annales Mycologici 20 (3): 119 (1922) [MB#16189]
=Persooniella Syd., Annales Mycologici 20 (3): 118 (1922) [MB#16253]
=Poliomella Syd., Annales Mycologici 20 (3): 122 (1922) [MB#16273]
=Schroeterella Syd., Annales Mycologici 20 (3): 119 (1922) [MB#16306]
=Trailia Syd., Annales Mycologici 20 (3): 121 (1922) [MB#16359]
=Desmellopsis J.M. Yen, Revue Mycol., Paris: 20 (1969) [MB#16095]
 MycoBank #:16214 
 Authors (abbreviated):Rostr. 
 Page #:266 
 Year of effective publication:1902 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Micropuccinia aberrans, Micropuccinia absicca, Micropuccinia acrophila, Micropuccinia actinellae, Micropuccinia adoxae, Micropuccinia aegopodii, Micropuccinia agnita, Micropuccinia albulensis, Micropuccinia alpina, Micropuccinia andina, Micropuccinia anemones-virginianae, Micropuccinia annularis, Micropuccinia anodae, Micropuccinia apocyni, Micropuccinia aquita, Micropuccinia araliae, Micropuccinia arecae, Micropuccinia arechavaletae, Micropuccinia arenariae, Micropuccinia asarina, Micropuccinia asteris, Micropuccinia astrantiicola, Micropuccinia berberidis-trifoliae, Micropuccinia betonicae, Micropuccinia blyttiana, Micropuccinia brandegei, Micropuccinia buxi, Micropuccinia campanulae, Micropuccinia canadensis, Micropuccinia chelonis, Micropuccinia chrysosplenii, Micropuccinia circaeae, Micropuccinia clintonii, Micropuccinia cnici-oleracei, Micropuccinia columbiensis, Micropuccinia comandrae, Micropuccinia concrescens, Micropuccinia conferta, Micropuccinia conglomerata, Micropuccinia cruciferarum, Micropuccinia cruciferarum, Micropuccinia cryptotaeniae, Micropuccinia cupheae, Micropuccinia curtipes, Micropuccinia dayi, Micropuccinia delicatula, Micropuccinia delphinii, Micropuccinia dentariae, Micropuccinia depallens, Micropuccinia detonsa, Micropuccinia dichondrae, Micropuccinia discreta, Micropuccinia distorta, Micropuccinia drabae, Micropuccinia drabae, Micropuccinia elytraniae, Micropuccinia elytrariae, Micropuccinia emiliae, Micropuccinia enormis, Micropuccinia epilobii, Micropuccinia epilobii, Micropuccinia eurotiae, Micropuccinia exilis, Micropuccinia expansa, Micropuccinia fergussonii, Micropuccinia ferox, Micropuccinia filopes, Micropuccinia flaveriae, Micropuccinia fraseri, Micropuccinia fuchsiae, Micropuccinia gemella, Micropuccinia gigantea, Micropuccinia glechomatis, Micropuccinia grindeliae, Micropuccinia grisea, Micropuccinia gulosa, Micropuccinia haleniae, Micropuccinia heliotropii, Micropuccinia heterisiae, Micropuccinia heterospora, Micropuccinia heucherae, Micropuccinia hiascens, Micropuccinia holboellii, Micropuccinia huteri, Micropuccinia hydrophylli, Micropuccinia hyssopi, Micropuccinia hysteriiformis, Micropuccinia imperatoriae, Micropuccinia incondita, Micropuccinia jueliana, Micropuccinia lantanae, Micropuccinia lateritia, Micropuccinia laurentiana, Micropuccinia leveillei, Micropuccinia ligustici, Micropuccinia linkii, Micropuccinia lithophragmae, Micropuccinia lobata, Micropuccinia lobeliae, Micropuccinia lygodesmiae, Micropuccinia maculosa, Micropuccinia malvacearum, Micropuccinia marianae, Micropuccinia melampodii, Micropuccinia mertensiae, Micropuccinia mesnieriana, Micropuccinia mesomajalis, Micropuccinia millefolii, Micropuccinia moreniana, Micropuccinia musenii, Micropuccinia nesodes, Micropuccinia nivea, Micropuccinia notopterae, Micropuccinia nova-zembliae, Micropuccinia novae-zembliae, Micropuccinia obliqua, Micropuccinia ordinata, Micropuccinia ornata, Micropuccinia ornatula, Micropuccinia pallidissima, Micropuccinia pallidomaculata, Micropuccinia parkerae, Micropuccinia parnassiae, Micropuccinia paupercula, Micropuccinia pazschkei, Micropuccinia pentstemonis, Micropuccinia permagna, Micropuccinia phaceliae, Micropuccinia physalidis, Micropuccinia physostegiae, Micropuccinia pittieriana, Micropuccinia polemonii, Micropuccinia poromera, Micropuccinia porphyrogenita, Micropuccinia praemorsa, Micropuccinia pulsatillae, Micropuccinia pyrolae, Micropuccinia ranunculi, Micropuccinia recedens, Micropuccinia retecta, Micropuccinia rhaetica, Micropuccinia rhodiolae, Micropuccinia ribis, Micropuccinia romanzoffiae, Micropuccinia rotundata, Micropuccinia rubefaciens, Micropuccinia rudbeckiae, Micropuccinia rydbergii, Micropuccinia sarachae, Micropuccinia saxifragae, Micropuccinia saxifragae-tricuspidatae, Micropuccinia scandica, Micropuccinia schistocarphae, Micropuccinia schneideri, Micropuccinia schneideri, Micropuccinia semota, Micropuccinia seymeriae, Micropuccinia sherardiana, Micropuccinia sidalceae, Micropuccinia sieversiae, Micropuccinia silphii, Micropuccinia solanita, Micropuccinia solidaginis, Micropuccinia spegazzinii, Micropuccinia suksdorfii, Micropuccinia symphoricarpi, Micropuccinia synedrellae, Micropuccinia thlaspeos, Micropuccinia tolimensis, Micropuccinia treleasiana, Micropuccinia triumfettae, Micropuccinia tuberculans, Micropuccinia tumamocensis, Micropuccinia turrita, Micropuccinia uralensis, Micropuccinia urbaniana, Micropuccinia utahensis, Micropuccinia variolans, Micropuccinia veronicarum, Micropuccinia veronicarum, Micropuccinia verruca, Micropuccinia virgae-aureae, Micropuccinia virgaureae, Micropuccinia vossii, Micropuccinia waldsteiniae, Micropuccinia wulfeniae, Micropuccinia xanthii, Micropuccinia xylorrhizae
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 Type of organism:? 

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