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General information

 Summary:Uncinula Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 15: 151 (1851) [MB#5671] 
 Synonymy:≡Erysiphe sect. Uncinula (Lév.) U. Braun & Shishkoff, Schlechtendalia 4: 4 (2000) [MB#700700]
=Erysiphe R. Hedw. ex DC., Flore française 2: 272 (1805) [MB#1898]
=Erysibe Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 211 (1833) [MB#16126]
=Calocladia Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 15: 154 (1851) [MB#744]
=Tigria Trevis., Spighe e Paglie: 22 (1853) [MB#5480]
=Erysiphella Peck, Annual Report on the New York State Museum of Natural History 28: 63 (1876) [MB#1899]
=Uncinulella Hara (1936) [MB#5788]
=Orthochaeta Sawada, Report of the Department of Agriculture Government Research Institute of Formosa 85: 22 (1943) [MB#3640]
=Linkomyces Golovin, Sborn. rabot. Inst. Prikl. zool. fitopatol.: 127 (1958) [MB#2880]
=Ischnochaeta Sawada (1959) [MB#2509]
=Salmonomyces Chidd., Sydowia 13 (1-6): 55 (1959) [MB#4832]
=Medusosphaera Golovin & Gamalizk., Chung-kuo Ti Chen-chun [Fungi of China]: 91 (1962) [MB#3039]
=Bulbouncinula R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen, Acta microbiol. sin.: 376 (1979) [MB#681]
=Uncinuliella R.Y. Zheng & G.Q. Chen, Acta microbiol. sin.: 283 (1979) [MB#5672]
=Furcouncinula Z.X. Chen, Acta Mycologica Sinica 1 (1): 10 (1982) [MB#2021]
=Setoerysiphe Y. Nomura, Trans. Mycol. Soc. Japan: 163 (1984) [MB#25667]
=Bulbomicrosphaera A.Q. Wang, Acta Mycol. Sin.: 74 (1987) [MB#25159]
 MycoBank #:5671 
 Authors (abbreviated):Lév. 
 Page #:151 
 Year of effective publication:1851 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Remarks:Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot. ser. 3. 15: 151. 1851.
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Uncinula acalyphae, Uncinula aceris, Uncinula actinidiae, Uncinula actinidiae, Uncinula adunca, Uncinula aduncoides, Uncinula afrormosiae, Uncinula alangii, Uncinula alchorneae, Uncinula aleuritis, Uncinula althaeae, Uncinula alvimii, Uncinula amanoi, Uncinula americana, Uncinula ampelopsidis, Uncinula angusiana, Uncinula aphananthes, Uncinula aspera, Uncinula asteris, Uncinula australiana, Uncinula australis, Uncinula azanzae, Uncinula betulae, Uncinula betulae, Uncinula bicornis, Uncinula bifurcata, Uncinula bischofiae, Uncinula bivonae, Uncinula brachystegiae, Uncinula buckleyae, Uncinula bulbosa, Uncinula carpini-cordatae, Uncinula carpinicola, Uncinula cedrelae, Uncinula ceibae, Uncinula celtidis, Uncinula chionanthi, Uncinula circinans, Uncinula circinata, Uncinula clandestina, Uncinula clintonii, Uncinula clintoniopsis, Uncinula columbiana, Uncinula combreticola, Uncinula confusa, Uncinula conidiigera, Uncinula coriariae, Uncinula crataegi, Uncinula crotonis, Uncinula curvispora, Uncinula dabashanensis, Uncinula delavayi, Uncinula ehretiae, Uncinula embeliae, Uncinula euodiae, Uncinula euonymi-japonici, Uncinula euphorbiacearum, Uncinula euscaphidis, Uncinula evodiae, Uncinula eylesii, Uncinula fici-nervosae, Uncinula fici-religiosae, Uncinula flexuosa, Uncinula floccosa, Uncinula forestalis, Uncinula fragilis, Uncinula fraxini, Uncinula fusca, Uncinula garugae, Uncinula geniculata, Uncinula heliciformis, Uncinula heringeriana, Uncinula heringeriana, Uncinula himalayensis, Uncinula hydrangeae, Uncinula hydrangeae, Uncinula idesiae, Uncinula incrassata, Uncinula intermedia, Uncinula irregularis, Uncinula jaborosae, Uncinula kenjiana, Uncinula koelreuteriae, Uncinula kusanoi, Uncinula kydiae-calycinae, Uncinula lata, Uncinula liquidambaris, Uncinula ljubarskii, Uncinula longispora, Uncinula luculenta, Uncinula lynchii, Uncinula lynckii, Uncinula maackiae, Uncinula macrospora, Uncinula magellanica, Uncinula malloti, Uncinula mallotii, Uncinula mandshurica, Uncinula matsunamiana, Uncinula miyabei, Uncinula mori, Uncinula nankinensis, Uncinula necator, Uncinula negundinis, Uncinula nishidana, Uncinula nothofagi, Uncinula oleosa, Uncinula paradoxa, Uncinula parvula, Uncinula patriniae, Uncinula peristrophes, Uncinula peruviana, Uncinula petersii, Uncinula picrasmae, Uncinula pirottiana, Uncinula pistaciae, Uncinula polychaeta, Uncinula polychaeta, Uncinula polychaeta, Uncinula polyfida, Uncinula populi, Uncinula praelonga, Uncinula praeterita, Uncinula prosopidis, Uncinula prunastri, Uncinula pseudocarpinicola, Uncinula pseudocedrelae, Uncinula pseudoehretiae, Uncinula pterocarpi, Uncinula pyrenaica, Uncinula quercifolia, Uncinula regularis, Uncinula religiosa, Uncinula salici-gracilistylae, Uncinula salicis, Uncinula salicis-gracilistylae, Uncinula salmonii, Uncinula sapindi, Uncinula schizophragmatis, Uncinula sengokui, Uncinula septata, Uncinula shiraiana, Uncinula sibiliae, Uncinula simulans, Uncinula sinensis, Uncinula spiralis, Uncinula sterculiae, Uncinula subfusca, Uncinula subgen. Uncinula, Uncinula subgen. Uncinuliella, Uncinula tectonae, Uncinula tenuitunicata, Uncinula togashiana, Uncinula torreyi, Uncinula toxicodendricola, Uncinula tulasnei, Uncinula udaipurensis, Uncinula ulmi, Uncinula ulmi-foliacea, Uncinula variabilis, Uncinula verbenae, Uncinula verniciferae, Uncinula vernoniae, Uncinula viburni, Uncinula viegasii, Uncinula wallrothii, Uncinula wuyiensis, Uncinula yaanensis, Uncinula yunnanensis, Uncinula zelkovae, Uncinula zelkowae
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
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