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General information

 Summary:Diaporthe Nitschke, Pyrenomycetes Germanici 2: 240 (1870) [MB#1497] 
 Synonymy:=Dialytes Nitschke (1867) [MB#1492]
=Diaporthe subgen. Chorostate Nitschke ex Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 1: 607 (1882) [MB#700171]
=Septomazzantia Theiss. & Syd., Annales Mycologici 13 (3-4): 193 (1915) [MB#5004]
=Clypeorhynchus Kirschst., Annales Mycologici 34: 190 (1936) [MB#1124]
=Melanoporthe Wehm., Revista Mus. La Plata, Secc. Bot.: 84 (1938) [MB#3077]
 MycoBank #:1497 
 Authors (abbreviated):Nitschke
 Page #:240
 Year of publication:1870
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
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Classification and associated taxa

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Diaporthe abdita, Diaporthe aberrans, Diaporthe abnormis, Diaporthe absens, Diaporthe absenteum, Diaporthe abutilonis, Diaporthe acaciae, Diaporthe acaciarum, Diaporthe acaciigena, Diaporthe acerina, Diaporthe aceris, Diaporthe acervata, Diaporthe actinidiae, Diaporthe aculeans, Diaporthe aculeata, Diaporthe acus, Diaporthe acutispora, Diaporthe adunca, Diaporthe aesculi, Diaporthe aesculi, Diaporthe aesculicola, Diaporthe aetoxici, Diaporthe affinis, Diaporthe affinis, Diaporthe aggerum, Diaporthe ahmadii, Diaporthe ailanthi, Diaporthe ailanthicola, Diaporthe albocarnis, Diaporthe albocincta, Diaporthe albovelata, Diaporthe aliena, Diaporthe alleghaniensis, Diaporthe alnea, Diaporthe amaranthi, Diaporthe amaranthophila, Diaporthe amaranti, Diaporthe ambiens, Diaporthe ambigua, Diaporthe americana, Diaporthe amorphae, Diaporthe ampelina, Diaporthe ampelopsidis, Diaporthe amygdali, Diaporthe anacardii, Diaporthe androsaemi, Diaporthe angelicae, Diaporthe angelicae, Diaporthe anisomera, Diaporthe annonacearum, Diaporthe annonae, Diaporthe anonae, Diaporthe antarctica, Diaporthe aorista, Diaporthe apiculata, Diaporthe apiculosa, Diaporthe apiospora, Diaporthe apocrypta, Diaporthe appendiculata, Diaporthe appendiculata, Diaporthe aquatica, Diaporthe araliae, Diaporthe arctii, Diaporthe arecae, Diaporthe arengae, Diaporthe aristata, Diaporthe artospora, Diaporthe asclepiadis, Diaporthe aseana, Diaporthe asheicola, Diaporthe aspalathi, Diaporthe asparagi, Diaporthe asparagi, Diaporthe asphodelea, Diaporthe asphodeli, Diaporthe asteriscina, Diaporthe astrostoma, Diaporthe atropuncta, Diaporthe aubertii, Diaporthe aucubae, Diaporthe aucupariae, Diaporthe australafricana, Diaporthe australis, Diaporthe austroamericana, Diaporthe averrhoae, Diaporthe azadirachtae, Diaporthe baccae, Diaporthe baccharidis, Diaporthe badhamii, Diaporthe bakeri, Diaporthe bambusae, Diaporthe baptisiae, Diaporthe batatas, Diaporthe beckhausii, Diaporthe beilharziae, Diaporthe benedicti, Diaporthe berkeleyi, Diaporthe berlesiana, Diaporthe betuli, Diaporthe bicalcarata, Diaporthe bicincta, Diaporthe bicincta, Diaporthe biconica, Diaporthe biconispora, Diaporthe biglobosa, Diaporthe biguttulata, Diaporthe biguttulata, Diaporthe biguttusis, Diaporthe binoculata, Diaporthe bitorulosa, Diaporthe blepharodes, Diaporthe bloxamii, Diaporthe boehmeriae, Diaporthe bonafidii, Diaporthe bougainvilleicola, Diaporthe brachyceras, Diaporthe brachystoma, Diaporthe brasiliensis, Diaporthe brenckleana, Diaporthe brenkleana, Diaporthe briardiana, Diaporthe broussonetiae, Diaporthe buxi, Diaporthe caatingaensis, Diaporthe callicarpae, Diaporthe calosphaeriodes, Diaporthe calosphaerioides, Diaporthe camelliae, Diaporthe camptothecae, Diaporthe canina, Diaporthe canthii, Diaporthe capsici, Diaporthe caraganae, Diaporthe caricae-papayae, Diaporthe carpini, Diaporthe carpini, Diaporthe carpinicola, Diaporthe carpinigera, Diaporthe caryigena, Diaporthe cassines, Diaporthe castanea, Diaporthe castaneae, Diaporthe castaneae-mollisimae, Diaporthe castaneae-mollissimae, Diaporthe castaneti, Diaporthe castrensis, Diaporthe castriformis, Diaporthe casuarinae, Diaporthe catalpae, Diaporthe catamarcensis, Diaporthe caulivora, Diaporthe ceanothi, Diaporthe celastrina, Diaporthe celastrina, Diaporthe celata, Diaporthe centrophylli, Diaporthe cerasi, Diaporthe ceratozamiae, Diaporthe cercophora, Diaporthe cestri, Diaporthe ceuthosporoides, Diaporthe chailletii, Diaporthe chamaeropina, Diaporthe chamaeropis, Diaporthe characiae, Diaporthe charlesworthii, Diaporthe chimonanthi, Diaporthe chionanthi, Diaporthe chrysoides, Diaporthe ciliaris, Diaporthe ciliata, Diaporthe cinerascens, Diaporthe circumscripta, Diaporthe cissampeli, Diaporthe citri, Diaporthe citriasiana, Diaporthe citrichinensis, Diaporthe citrincola, Diaporthe claviceps, Diaporthe clerodendri, Diaporthe cocoina, Diaporthe coemansii, Diaporthe coffeae, Diaporthe colletiae, Diaporthe colletiicola, Diaporthe columbiensis, Diaporthe columnaris, Diaporthe compacta, Diaporthe compressa, Diaporthe comptoniae, Diaporthe concrescens, Diaporthe coneglanensis, Diaporthe congener, Diaporthe congesta, Diaporthe conigena, Diaporthe conjucta, Diaporthe conjuncta, Diaporthe conjuncta, Diaporthe conorum, Diaporthe conradii, Diaporthe controversa, Diaporthe convexa, Diaporthe convolvuli, Diaporthe corallodendri, Diaporthe coramblicola, Diaporthe corni, Diaporthe cornicola, Diaporthe coronillae, Diaporthe corymbosa, Diaporthe cotoneastri, Diaporthe crassicollis, Diaporthe crassiuscula, Diaporthe crataegi, Diaporthe crinigera, Diaporthe crotalariae, Diaporthe crustosa, Diaporthe cryptica, Diaporthe cubensis, Diaporthe cucurbitae, Diaporthe culta, Diaporthe cuppatea, Diaporthe cupulata, Diaporthe curvatispora, Diaporthe cydoniae, Diaporthe cydoniicola, Diaporthe cylindrospora, Diaporthe cynaroidis, Diaporthe cytosporella, Diaporthe dakotensis, Diaporthe decedens, Diaporthe decipiens, Diaporthe decorticans, Diaporthe delitescens, Diaporthe delogneana, Diaporthe demissa, Diaporthe denigrata, Diaporthe densa, Diaporthe densissima, Diaporthe desmazieri, Diaporthe desmodiana, Diaporthe desmodii, Diaporthe detrusa, Diaporthe diaporthoides, Diaporthe dichaenoides, Diaporthe dickiae, Diaporthe didymelloides, Diaporthe difficilior, Diaporthe digitifera, Diaporthe diospyri, Diaporthe diospyricola, Diaporthe dircae, Diaporthe discoidispora, Diaporthe discors, Diaporthe discrepans, Diaporthe discutiens, Diaporthe disputata, Diaporthe disseminata, Diaporthe dolosa, Diaporthe dorycnii, Diaporthe dorycnii, Diaporthe drimydis, Diaporthe dryophila, Diaporthe dubia, Diaporthe dulcamarae, Diaporthe eburensis, Diaporthe elaeagni, Diaporthe elaeagni-glabrae, Diaporthe elaeostroma, Diaporthe elephantina, Diaporthe ellipicola, Diaporthe ellipsoidea, Diaporthe ellisii, Diaporthe endophytica, Diaporthe enteroleuca, Diaporthe epilobii, Diaporthe epilobii, Diaporthe epimicta, Diaporthe eres, Diaporthe eucalypti, Diaporthe eucalypticola, Diaporthe eucalyptorum, Diaporthe eucommiae, Diaporthe eucommiicola, Diaporthe eugeniae, Diaporthe eumorpha, Diaporthe euonymi, Diaporthe euphorbiae, Diaporthe euryala, Diaporthe euspina, Diaporthe eusticha, Diaporthe exasperans, Diaporthe exercitalis, Diaporthe exiguistroma, Diaporthe extensa, Diaporthe extorris, Diaporthe extranea, Diaporthe f. berkeleyi, Diaporthe f. nigricolor, Diaporthe faberi, Diaporthe fagi, Diaporthe faginea, Diaporthe fallaciosa, Diaporthe farcta, Diaporthe farinosa, Diaporthe farinosa, Diaporthe fasciculata, Diaporthe feltgeni, Diaporthe feltgenii, Diaporthe fibrosa, Diaporthe fibrosa, Diaporthe flageoletiana, Diaporthe flavovirens, Diaporthe fleischhakii, Diaporthe floresiana, Diaporthe floridana, Diaporthe foeniculacea, Diaporthe foeniculina, Diaporthe forabilis, Diaporthe fraxini, Diaporthe fraxini-angustifoliae, Diaporthe fuchsiae, Diaporthe fuckelii, Diaporthe fuegiana, Diaporthe fulvopruinata, Diaporthe furfuracea, Diaporthe fuscidula, Diaporthe fusicola, Diaporthe fusispora, Diaporthe galericulata, Diaporthe galligena, Diaporthe gallophila, Diaporthe ganjae, Diaporthe gardeniae, Diaporthe garethjonesii, Diaporthe garryae, Diaporthe genistae, Diaporthe geographica, Diaporthe geranii, Diaporthe gillesiana, Diaporthe gilliesiana, Diaporthe glabrae, Diaporthe gladioli, Diaporthe glandulosa, Diaporthe gloriosa, Diaporthe glyptica, Diaporthe gorgonoidea, Diaporthe goulteri, Diaporthe grammodes, Diaporthe griseo-tingens, Diaporthe griseotingens, Diaporthe gulyae, Diaporthe halesiae, Diaporthe hamamelidis, Diaporthe hederae, Diaporthe helianthi, Diaporthe helicis, Diaporthe hemicrypta, Diaporthe henanensis, Diaporthe heveae, Diaporthe hickoriae, Diaporthe hippocastani, Diaporthe hippophaëos, Diaporthe hippophaës, Diaporthe hircini, Diaporthe hongkongensis, Diaporthe hordei, Diaporthe hranicensis, Diaporthe humboldtiana, Diaporthe hydrangeae, Diaporthe hyperopta, Diaporthe hypospilina, Diaporthe hypoxyloides, Diaporthe hystricula, Diaporthe hystrix, Diaporthe idaeicola, Diaporthe ilicina, Diaporthe ilicis, Diaporthe immaculata, Diaporthe immersa, Diaporthe immutabilis, Diaporthe importata, Diaporthe impulsa, Diaporthe inaequalis, Diaporthe incarcerata, Diaporthe incompleta, Diaporthe incompta, Diaporthe incongrua, Diaporthe inconspicua, Diaporthe incrustans, Diaporthe indica, Diaporthe indigoferae, Diaporthe infecunda, Diaporthe inflatula, Diaporthe innata, Diaporthe innesii, Diaporthe inornata, Diaporthe inquilina, Diaporthe inquilina, Diaporthe insignis, Diaporthe insularis, Diaporthe intermedia, Diaporthe interrupta, Diaporthe interrupta, Diaporthe ipomoeae, Diaporthe ipomoeae, Diaporthe isoberliniae, Diaporthe italiana, Diaporthe italica, Diaporthe jaffueli, Diaporthe japonica, Diaporthe javanica, Diaporthe juglandina, Diaporthe juglandis, Diaporthe juncaginearum, Diaporthe juniperi, Diaporthe juniperivora, Diaporthe kalmiae, Diaporthe kellermaniana, Diaporthe kellermanniana, Diaporthe kentrophylli, Diaporthe ketmiae, Diaporthe kochmanii, Diaporthe koelreuteriae, Diaporthe kokiae, Diaporthe kongii, Diaporthe kriegeriana, Diaporthe kunashirensis, Diaporthe kunzeana, Diaporthe kyushuensis, Diaporthe labiatae, Diaporthe lagerstroemiae, Diaporthe lagunensis, Diaporthe landeghemiae, Diaporthe larseniana, Diaporthe laschii, Diaporthe lebiseyi, Diaporthe leiphaema, Diaporthe leiphaemia, Diaporthe leiphaemoides, Diaporthe lentaginis, Diaporthe leptostromiformis, Diaporthe leuceriicola, Diaporthe leucopis, Diaporthe leucosarca, Diaporthe leucospermi, Diaporthe leucostroma, Diaporthe leycesteriae, Diaporthe leyeesteriae, Diaporthe libera, Diaporthe ligulata, Diaporthe ligustri, Diaporthe ligustri-vulgaris, Diaporthe ligustrina, Diaporthe ligustrina, Diaporthe lineariformis, Diaporthe linearis, Diaporthe liquidambaris, Diaporthe liquidambaris, Diaporthe lirella, Diaporthe lirellaeformis, Diaporthe lirelliformis, Diaporthe litchicola, Diaporthe litchicola, Diaporthe lithocarpi, Diaporthe lithraeae, Diaporthe litoricola, Diaporthe lixivia, Diaporthe lokoyae, Diaporthe longicicola, Diaporthe longicolla, Diaporthe longiparaphysata, Diaporthe longirostris, Diaporthe longispora, Diaporthe longispora, Diaporthe loropetali, Diaporthe ludwigiana, Diaporthe lupini, Diaporthe lusitanicae, Diaporthe macintoshii, Diaporthe maclurae, Diaporthe macounii, Diaporthe macrospora, Diaporthe macrostalagmia, Diaporthe macrostoma, Diaporthe maculans, Diaporthe maculosa, Diaporthe magellanica, Diaporthe magnifica, Diaporthe magnispora, Diaporthe magnoliae, Diaporthe magnoliicola, Diaporthe mahoniae, Diaporthe mahothocarpi, Diaporthe mahothocarpus, Diaporthe malbranchei, Diaporthe mali, Diaporthe mali, Diaporthe malorum, Diaporthe mamiania, Diaporthe manihotia, Diaporthe manihotis, Diaporthe marchica, Diaporthe marginalis, Diaporthe maritima, Diaporthe masirevicii, Diaporthe mate, Diaporthe mattfeldii, Diaporthe maydis, Diaporthe mayteni, Diaporthe maytenicola, Diaporthe mazzantioides, Diaporthe medusaea, Diaporthe medusina, Diaporthe megalospora, Diaporthe melaena, Diaporthe melanocarpa, Diaporthe melonis, Diaporthe mendax, Diaporthe menispermi, Diaporthe menispermi, Diaporthe menispermoides, Diaporthe meridionalis, Diaporthe mezerei, Diaporthe micheliae, Diaporthe michelina, Diaporthe microcarpa, Diaporthe micromegala, Diaporthe microplaca, Diaporthe microstoma, Diaporthe microstroma, Diaporthe middletonii, Diaporthe millepunctata, Diaporthe milleriana, Diaporthe minastri, Diaporthe minuscula, Diaporthe minuta, Diaporthe minuta, Diaporthe minuta, Diaporthe minutis, Diaporthe miriciae, Diaporthe mitis, Diaporthe mitteriana, Diaporthe mori, Diaporthe moriokaensis, Diaporthe mucosa, Diaporthe mucronata, Diaporthe mucronulata, Diaporthe muehlenbeckiae, Diaporthe multiguttulata, Diaporthe multigutullata, Diaporthe multipunctata, Diaporthe muralis, Diaporthe murrayi, Diaporthe musae, Diaporthe musigena, Diaporthe myinda, Diaporthe myracrodruonis, Diaporthe neapolitana, Diaporthe neglecta, Diaporthe neilliae, Diaporthe neoarctii, Diaporthe neoraonikayaporum, Diaporthe neotheicola, Diaporthe neoviticola, Diaporthe nepetae, Diaporthe nerii, Diaporthe nidulans, Diaporthe niessleana, Diaporthe niessliana, Diaporthe niesslii, Diaporthe niesslii, Diaporthe nigrella, Diaporthe nigricolor, Diaporthe nigroannulata, Diaporthe nigrocincta, Diaporthe nitschkei, Diaporthe nivosa, Diaporthe nobilis, Diaporthe nodosa, Diaporthe nomurai, Diaporthe nothofagi, Diaporthe novem, Diaporthe nucis-avellanae, Diaporthe nucleata, Diaporthe oblita, Diaporthe obscura, Diaporthe obscurans, Diaporthe obsoleta, Diaporthe obtusifoliae, Diaporthe occidentalis, Diaporthe occulta, Diaporthe occultata, Diaporthe ocoteae, Diaporthe ocularia, Diaporthe oligocarpa, Diaporthe oligocarpoides, Diaporthe olivaestroma, Diaporthe oncostoma, Diaporthe ontariensis, Diaporthe ophites, Diaporthe opuli, Diaporthe oraccinii, Diaporthe orientalis, Diaporthe orobanches, Diaporthe orthoceras, Diaporthe ostryae, Diaporthe ostryigena, Diaporthe otthii, Diaporthe oudemansii, Diaporthe ovalispora, Diaporthe ovoicicola, Diaporthe ovoidea, Diaporthe oxe, Diaporthe oxyspora, Diaporthe pachystoma, Diaporthe padi, Diaporthe padicola, Diaporthe palmarum, Diaporthe palmicola, Diaporthe palustris, Diaporthe pampeana, Diaporthe pantherina, Diaporthe parabolica, Diaporthe paranensis, Diaporthe parapterocarpi, Diaporthe parasitica, Diaporthe pardalota, Diaporthe parvula, Diaporthe pascoei, Diaporthe passiflorae, Diaporthe passifloricola, Diaporthe patagonulae, Diaporthe patria, Diaporthe paulula, Diaporthe peckiana, Diaporthe peckii, Diaporthe penetriteum, Diaporthe pennsylvanica, Diaporthe perexigua, Diaporthe perjuncta, Diaporthe perniciosa, Diaporthe perseae, Diaporthe personata, Diaporthe petiolarum, Diaporthe petiolorum, Diaporthe petrakiana, Diaporthe phaceliae, Diaporthe phaseolorum, Diaporthe phillyreae, Diaporthe phoenicicola, Diaporthe phoenicis, Diaporthe pholeodes, Diaporthe phomaspora, Diaporthe phomospora, Diaporthe phragmitis, Diaporthe phyllanthicola, Diaporthe picea, Diaporthe pimeleae, Diaporthe pinastri, Diaporthe pinicola, Diaporthe pinophylla, Diaporthe piri, Diaporthe pithya, Diaporthe placoides, Diaporthe plantaginis, Diaporthe platasca, Diaporthe podocarpi-macrophylli, Diaporthe poincianellae, Diaporthe polygoni, Diaporthe polygonicola, Diaporthe populea, Diaporthe populina, Diaporthe pratensis, Diaporthe prenanthicola, Diaporthe priva, Diaporthe prominula, Diaporthe protracta, Diaporthe pruni, Diaporthe prunicola, Diaporthe pseudolongicolla, Diaporthe pseudomangiferae, Diaporthe pseudophoenicicola, Diaporthe psoraleae, Diaporthe psoraleae-bituminosae, Diaporthe psoraleae-pinnatae, Diaporthe pteleae, Diaporthe pterocarpi, Diaporthe pterocarpicola, Diaporthe pterophila, Diaporthe pulchella, Diaporthe pulchra, Diaporthe pulla, Diaporthe punctata, Diaporthe punctostoma, Diaporthe punctulata, Diaporthe pungens, Diaporthe pusilla, Diaporthe pustulata, Diaporthe putator, Diaporthe pycnostoma, Diaporthe pyracanthae, Diaporthe pyri, Diaporthe pyrrhocystis, Diaporthe quadrinucleata, Diaporthe quadruplex, Diaporthe quercina, Diaporthe quercus, Diaporthe quilmensis, Diaporthe racemula, Diaporthe radicina, Diaporthe radula, Diaporthe raonikayaporum, Diaporthe raphani, Diaporthe raveneliana, Diaporthe ravennica, Diaporthe recedens, Diaporthe recondita, Diaporthe rehmiana, Diaporthe rehmii, Diaporthe resecans, Diaporthe resecanti, Diaporthe retecta, Diaporthe revellens, Diaporthe rhamnigena, Diaporthe rhododendri, Diaporthe rhoicola, Diaporthe rhoina, Diaporthe rhois, Diaporthe rhusicola, Diaporthe rhynchophora, Diaporthe ribesia, Diaporthe ricini, Diaporthe rickholtii, Diaporthe robergeana, Diaporthe robusta, Diaporthe rosicola, Diaporthe rostellata, Diaporthe rostrata, Diaporthe rubiae, Diaporthe rudis, Diaporthe rumicicola, Diaporthe rumicis, Diaporthe ryckholtii, Diaporthe saccarata, Diaporthe saccardiana, Diaporthe saccardoana, Diaporthe sacchari, Diaporthe sachalinensis, Diaporthe sackstonii, Diaporthe salicella, Diaporthe salicicola, Diaporthe salicis, Diaporthe salinicola, Diaporthe salsuginosa, Diaporthe salviaecola, Diaporthe salviicola, Diaporthe samaricola, Diaporthe sambuci, Diaporthe santonensis, Diaporthe sarmenticia, Diaporthe sarothamni, Diaporthe scabra, Diaporthe scandens, Diaporthe schini, Diaporthe sclerotioides, Diaporthe scobina, Diaporthe scobinoides, Diaporthe sechalinensis, Diaporthe sect. Chorostella, Diaporthe sect. Diaporthe, Diaporthe semi-immersa, Diaporthe semi-insculpta, Diaporthe semiinsculpta, Diaporthe seneciicola, Diaporthe seposita, Diaporthe serafiniae, Diaporthe sheariana, Diaporthe siamensis, Diaporthe silvestris, Diaporthe simplicior, Diaporthe simulans, Diaporthe skimmiae, Diaporthe sociabilis, Diaporthe sociata, Diaporthe sojae, Diaporthe solani-verbascifolii, Diaporthe sophorae, Diaporthe sorbariae, Diaporthe sorbicola, Diaporthe sorbicola, Diaporthe sordida, Diaporthe sparsa, Diaporthe sparsa, Diaporthe spartinicola, Diaporthe spectabilae, Diaporthe spectabilis, Diaporthe sphaeralceae, Diaporthe sphendamnina, Diaporthe sphingiophora, Diaporthe spicata, Diaporthe spiculosa, Diaporthe spina, Diaporthe spinosula, Diaporthe spinulosa, Diaporthe spiraeicola, Diaporthe spissa, Diaporthe sponheimeri, Diaporthe staphylina, Diaporthe stereostoma, Diaporthe sterilis, Diaporthe stewartii, Diaporthe stictica, Diaporthe stictostoma, Diaporthe stilbostoma, Diaporthe striaeformis, Diaporthe striiformis, Diaporthe strumella, Diaporthe strumellaeformis, Diaporthe strumelliformis, Diaporthe subaquila, Diaporthe subclavata, Diaporthe subcongrua, Diaporthe subcorticalis, Diaporthe subgen. Chorostate, Diaporthe subgen. Diaporthe, Diaporthe subgen. Euporthe, Diaporthe subgen. Tetrastagon, Diaporthe subordinaria, Diaporthe subpyramidata, Diaporthe subsp. sulphurea, Diaporthe sulfurea, Diaporthe sulphurea, Diaporthe sydowiana, Diaporthe syngenesia, Diaporthe syngenisia, Diaporthe tageteos, Diaporthe take, Diaporthe talae, Diaporthe taleola, Diaporthe taleola, Diaporthe tamaricina, Diaporthe tami, Diaporthe tanakae, Diaporthe taxi, Diaporthe taxicola, Diaporthe tecomae, Diaporthe tecta, Diaporthe tectonae, Diaporthe tectonendophytica, Diaporthe tectonigena, Diaporthe tenella, Diaporthe tenuirostris, Diaporthe terebinthi, Diaporthe terebinthifolii, Diaporthe ternstroemiae, Diaporthe tersa, Diaporthe tessella, Diaporthe tessera, Diaporthe tetraptera, Diaporthe tetraspora, Diaporthe teucrii, Diaporthe theae, Diaporthe theicola, Diaporthe thelebola, Diaporthe therryana, Diaporthe thujana, Diaporthe thunbergiae, Diaporthe thunbergii, Diaporthe thunbergiicola, Diaporthe tiliacea, Diaporthe tillandsiae, Diaporthe tortuosa, Diaporthe toxica, Diaporthe transiens, Diaporthe transversalis, Diaporthe trecassium, Diaporthe trinucleata, Diaporthe triostei, Diaporthe tropicalis, Diaporthe tuberculosa, Diaporthe tulasnei, Diaporthe tulliensis, Diaporthe tumulata, Diaporthe tupae, Diaporthe ueckerae, Diaporthe ueckeri, Diaporthe uliginosa, Diaporthe ulmicola, Diaporthe umbellatarum, Diaporthe umbrina, Diaporthe undulata, Diaporthe unshiuensis, Diaporthe utahensis, Diaporthe vaccinii, Diaporthe vacillans, Diaporthe valerianae, Diaporthe valida, Diaporthe valparadisiensis, Diaporthe valsiformis, Diaporthe vangueriae, Diaporthe varians, Diaporthe vawdreyi, Diaporthe velata, Diaporthe velutina, Diaporthe veneta, Diaporthe vepris, Diaporthe verbenae, Diaporthe verecunda, Diaporthe veronicae, Diaporthe verrucella, Diaporthe vexans, Diaporthe viburni, Diaporthe vincae, Diaporthe virgiliae, Diaporthe viticola, Diaporthe vitimegaspora, Diaporthe wehmeyeri, Diaporthe wibbei, Diaporthe winteri, Diaporthe winteri, Diaporthe woodii, Diaporthe woolworthii, Diaporthe woroniniae, Diaporthe xanthii, Diaporthe xanthiicola, Diaporthe xishuangbanica, Diaporthe yerbae, Diaporthe yunnanensis, Diaporthe zaviana, Diaporthe zaviana, Diaporthe zeina, Diaporthe ziziphina, Diaporthe zizyphina, Diaporthe zopfii
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