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General information

 Summary:Diatrype Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 384 (1849) [MB#1504] 
 Synonymy:=Pyrenodochium Bonord., Handbuch der allgemeinen Mykologie: 272 (1851) [MB#4592]
=Stictosphaeria Tul. & C. Tul., Selecta Fungorum Carpologia, Tomus Secundus. Xylariei - Valsei - Sphaeriei 2: 49 (1863) [MB#5241]
=Phaeotrype Sacc., Mycologia 12 (4): 200 (1920) [MB#3969]
=Ectosphaeria Speg., Boletín de la Academia Nacional de Ciencias en Córdoba 25: 48 (1921) [MB#1745]
 MycoBank #:1504 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:384
 Year of effective publication:1849
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Classification and associated taxa

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Diatrype acericola, Diatrype aceris-rubri, Diatrype acervata, Diatrype adusta, Diatrype aemula, Diatrype aequilinearis, Diatrype aethiops, Diatrype affinis, Diatrype afflata, Diatrype albiziae, Diatrype albocarnis, Diatrype albopruinosa, Diatrype ambiens, Diatrype americana, Diatrype amorphae, Diatrype aneirina, Diatrype angularis, Diatrype angulata, Diatrype annulans, Diatrype annulata, Diatrype anomala, Diatrype anthracodes, Diatrype aristata, Diatrype artemisiae, Diatrype artocreas, Diatrype arundinariae, Diatrype aspera, Diatrype aspera, Diatrype asterostoma, Diatrype atlantica, Diatrype atropunctata, Diatrype aurantii, Diatrype auristoma, Diatrype auristroma, Diatrype azedarachae, Diatrype baccharidis, Diatrype baccharidis, Diatrype badhami, Diatrype badhamii, Diatrype berberidis, Diatrype berengeriana, Diatrype bermudensis, Diatrype betulina, Diatrype bicolor, Diatrype bispora, Diatrype bonae-spei, Diatrype brassicae, Diatrype brunneospora, Diatrype bukobensis, Diatrype bullata, Diatrype buteae, Diatrype callicarpae, Diatrype caminata, Diatrype canariensis, Diatrype capensis, Diatrype capnodes, Diatrype capnostoma, Diatrype capnostoma, Diatrype caricae, Diatrype carissae, Diatrype carpinigera, Diatrype caryae, Diatrype catervaria, Diatrype caulina, Diatrype ceanothi, Diatrype celastri, Diatrype celastrina, Diatrype cephalanthi, Diatrype cerasina, Diatrype ceratosperma, Diatrype cercidicola, Diatrype chilensis, Diatrype chlorosarca, Diatrype cincta, Diatrype circumvallata, Diatrype clerodendri, Diatrype clypeus, Diatrype collariata, Diatrype collecta, Diatrype comptoniae, Diatrype concolor, Diatrype conferta, Diatrype conferta, Diatrype consobrina, Diatrype conspersa, Diatrype coramblicola, Diatrype corniculata, Diatrype cornuta, Diatrype costesi, Diatrype costesii, Diatrype crassiuscula, Diatrype daldiniana, Diatrype dearnessii, Diatrype decorata, Diatrype decorticata, Diatrype delacourei, Diatrype delhiana, Diatrype denigrans, Diatrype deusta, Diatrype diffidens, Diatrype dimorpha, Diatrype disciformis, Diatrype discoidea, Diatrype discostoma, Diatrype discreta, Diatrype discreta, Diatrype doryalidis, Diatrype dothideoides, Diatrype dryophila, Diatrype durieui, Diatrype elevata, Diatrype elliptica, Diatrype enteroxantha, Diatrype erinacea, Diatrype eucalypti, Diatrype euphorea, Diatrype euterpes, Diatrype eutypoides, Diatrype exasperans, Diatrype exigua, Diatrype exutans, Diatrype favacea, Diatrype ferruginea, Diatrype fibritecta, Diatrype fici, Diatrype flavacea, Diatrype flavovirens, Diatrype fletcheri, Diatrype friabilis, Diatrype frostii, Diatrype gigantospora, Diatrype gigaspora, Diatrype glomeraria, Diatrype grandinea, Diatrype grewiae, Diatrype griseotecta, Diatrype gymnosporiae, Diatrype gyrosa, Diatrype helicis, Diatrype helictericola, Diatrype himalayensis, Diatrype hochelagae, Diatrype hullensis, Diatrype hypophlaea, Diatrype hypoxyloides, Diatrype hystrix, Diatrype iguazensii, Diatrype ilicina, Diatrype implicata, Diatrype inaequalis, Diatrype incarcerata, Diatrype indica, Diatrype infuscans, Diatrype insitiva, Diatrype intermedia, Diatrype interrupta, Diatrype interrupta, Diatrype irpex, Diatrype irregularis, Diatrype japonica, Diatrype kamatii, Diatrype koelreuteriae, Diatrype laevigata, Diatrype lanciformis, Diatrype lata, Diatrype lateritia, Diatrype laurina, Diatrype leioplaca, Diatrype lejoplaca, Diatrype lenta, Diatrype leonotidis, Diatrype leucocreas, Diatrype leucostroma, Diatrype leucoxantha, Diatrype ligniota, Diatrype lijiangensis, Diatrype linearis, Diatrype linosperma, Diatrype liriodendri, Diatrype loranthi, Diatrype maclurae, Diatrype macounii, Diatrype macowaniana, Diatrype macrothecia, Diatrype mangiferae, Diatrype manipularis, Diatrype megale, Diatrype megastoma, Diatrype melaena, Diatrype melaleuca, Diatrype melasperma, Diatrype micromeria, Diatrype microplaca, Diatrype microspora, Diatrype microspora, Diatrype microstega, Diatrype microstroma, Diatrype milliaria, Diatrype mindanaensis, Diatrype mindanaoensis, Diatrype minima, Diatrype minoensis, Diatrype minuta, Diatrype montana, Diatrype moroides, Diatrype nainitalensis, Diatrype nigerrima, Diatrype nigroannulata, Diatrype nigrospora, Diatrype nucleata, Diatrype obesa, Diatrype occultata, Diatrype olivacea, Diatrype olivacea, Diatrype oliveus, Diatrype opaca, Diatrype oregonensis, Diatrype orthosticha, Diatrype pachyloma, Diatrype palmarum, Diatrype palmicola, Diatrype panacis, Diatrype parvula, Diatrype parvula, Diatrype patagonica, Diatrype patella, Diatrype paurospora, Diatrype pavettae, Diatrype petiginosa, Diatrype petrakii, Diatrype phaeosperma, Diatrype phaselina, Diatrype phaselinoides, Diatrype philippinensis, Diatrype phillyreae, Diatrype pilulifera, Diatrype pithodes, Diatrype placenta, Diatrype plagia, Diatrype platasca, Diatrype platensis, Diatrype platystoma, Diatrype podoides, Diatrype polycocca, Diatrype polygonia, Diatrype praeandina, Diatrype princeps, Diatrype prominens, Diatrype prominens, Diatrype prorumpens, Diatrype protrusa, Diatrype puiggarii, Diatrype pulvinata, Diatrype punctiformis, Diatrype punctulata, Diatrype pustulans, Diatrype pyrrhocystis, Diatrype pythodes, Diatrype quadrata, Diatrype quercina, Diatrype quercina, Diatrype quercina, Diatrype radiata, Diatrype radulans, Diatrype rappazii, Diatrype rhoina, Diatrype rhois, Diatrype rhytistoma, Diatrype ribis, Diatrype rimosa, Diatrype riograndensis, Diatrype roseola, Diatrype ruficarnis, Diatrype rugosa, Diatrype rumpens, Diatrype russodes, Diatrype saccardoi, Diatrype sambucivora, Diatrype scabrosa, Diatrype sect. Diatrype, Diatrype sect. Diatrypella, Diatrype sect. Nummularioidea, Diatrype simlensis, Diatrype smilacicola, Diatrype sordida, Diatrype sordida, Diatrype sordida, Diatrype sowerbyi, Diatrype sphaerospora, Diatrype sphendamnina, Diatrype spilomea, Diatrype spongiosa, Diatrype standleyi, Diatrype staphyleae, Diatrype stigma, Diatrype stigmaoides, Diatrype stipata, Diatrype strumella, Diatrype subaffixa, Diatrype subconfluens, Diatrype subcutanea, Diatrype subferruginea, Diatrype subfulva, Diatrype subgen. Diatrype, Diatrype subgen. Nummularoidea, Diatrype sublinearis, Diatrype subundulata, Diatrype sulphurea, Diatrype syngenesia, Diatrype syzygii, Diatrype tectonae, Diatrype tenuissima, Diatrype texensis, Diatrype thailandica, Diatrype theae, Diatrype theloides, Diatrype tiliacea, Diatrype tinctor, Diatrype titan, Diatrype tocciaeana, Diatrype tremellophora, Diatrype trifida, Diatrype tristicha, Diatrype trypethelioides, Diatrype tumida, Diatrype tumidella, Diatrype turgida, Diatrype ulicis, Diatrype undulata, Diatrype urticaria, Diatrype utahensis, Diatrype valdiviensis, Diatrype varians, Diatrype variolosa, Diatrype velata, Diatrype velutina, Diatrype verrucaeformis, Diatrype verrucella, Diatrype verruciformis, Diatrype verrucoides, Diatrype versatilis, Diatrype vicinula, Diatrype virescens, Diatrype vitellina, Diatrype viticis, Diatrype viticola, Diatrype vitis, Diatrype webberi, Diatrype weinmanniae, Diatrype whitmanensis, Diatrype wrightii, Diatrype xumenensis
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