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General information

 Summary:Lyophyllum P. Karst., Acta Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 2 (1): 3, 29 (1881) [MB#18003] 
 Synonymy:=Caesposus Nüesch, Jahrb. St. Gall. Naturw. Ges.: 110 (1937) [MB#17212]
=Gerhardtia Bon, Documents Mycologiques 24 (93): 66 (1994) [MB#27269]
 MycoBank #:18003 
 Authors:P. Karsten 
 Authors (abbreviated):P. Karst. 
 Page #:3, 29 
 Year of effective publication:1881 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Lyophyllum acutipes, Lyophyllum admissum, Lyophyllum aemiliae, Lyophyllum aggregatum, Lyophyllum albellum, Lyophyllum albidipes, Lyophyllum albofloccosum, Lyophyllum alpestre, Lyophyllum amariusculum, Lyophyllum ambustum, Lyophyllum amygdalosporum, Lyophyllum anthracophilum, Lyophyllum atratum, Lyophyllum baeospermum, Lyophyllum biconicosporum, Lyophyllum bonii, Lyophyllum boudieri, Lyophyllum bresadolanum, Lyophyllum brunneo-ochrascens, Lyophyllum brunneoochrascens, Lyophyllum brunneum, Lyophyllum buxeum, Lyophyllum caerulescens, Lyophyllum caerulescens, Lyophyllum calabrum, Lyophyllum candidum, Lyophyllum canescentipes, Lyophyllum capniocephalum, Lyophyllum carbonarium, Lyophyllum carneum, Lyophyllum cessans, Lyophyllum chamaeleon, Lyophyllum chondrocephalum, Lyophyllum chrysenteron, Lyophyllum cinerascens, Lyophyllum cinerescens, Lyophyllum cistophilum, Lyophyllum confusum, Lyophyllum conglobatum, Lyophyllum conglobatum, Lyophyllum connatum, Lyophyllum conocephalum, Lyophyllum conoideospermum, Lyophyllum constrictum, Lyophyllum coracinum, Lyophyllum corrugatum, Lyophyllum cossonianum, Lyophyllum crassifolium, Lyophyllum crassipodium, Lyophyllum crassipodium, Lyophyllum daonense, Lyophyllum decastes, Lyophyllum decastes var. decastes, Lyophyllum deliberatum, Lyophyllum dominicum, Lyophyllum effocatellum, Lyophyllum ellisii, Lyophyllum enudatum, Lyophyllum erosum, Lyophyllum eucalypticum, Lyophyllum eucalyptium, Lyophyllum eustygium, Lyophyllum fallax, Lyophyllum fallax, Lyophyllum favrei, Lyophyllum ferruginellum, Lyophyllum fibrillosum, Lyophyllum fibrosipes, Lyophyllum fistulosum, Lyophyllum flavobrunnescens, Lyophyllum fragile, Lyophyllum fuligineum, Lyophyllum fumatofoetens, Lyophyllum fumescens, Lyophyllum fumosum, Lyophyllum furfurellum, Lyophyllum fuscipes, Lyophyllum fuscobrunneum, Lyophyllum fusisporum, Lyophyllum gambosum, Lyophyllum gangraenosum, Lyophyllum geminum, Lyophyllum gibberosum, Lyophyllum gracile, Lyophyllum graminicola, Lyophyllum graminicola, Lyophyllum hebelomoides, Lyophyllum hebelomoides, Lyophyllum hebelomoides, Lyophyllum helvella, Lyophyllum heterosporum, Lyophyllum hypoxanthum, Lyophyllum ignobile, Lyophyllum immundum, Lyophyllum immutabile, Lyophyllum impexum, Lyophyllum impudicum, Lyophyllum incarnatobrunneum, Lyophyllum infidum, Lyophyllum infumatum, Lyophyllum inocybeoides, Lyophyllum inodorum, Lyophyllum inolens, Lyophyllum interfurcatum, Lyophyllum investitum, Lyophyllum ionides, Lyophyllum juncicola, Lyophyllum konradianum, Lyophyllum langei, Lyophyllum lanzonii, Lyophyllum laticeps, Lyophyllum leptosarx, Lyophyllum leucocephalum, Lyophyllum leucopaxilloides, Lyophyllum leucophaeatum, Lyophyllum littoralis, Lyophyllum longisporum, Lyophyllum loricatum, Lyophyllum loricatum, Lyophyllum loricatum f. loricatum, Lyophyllum lubricum, Lyophyllum lugubre, Lyophyllum luteogriseascens, Lyophyllum lutescens, Lyophyllum maas-geesterani, Lyophyllum macrosporum, Lyophyllum maleolens, Lyophyllum mariae, Lyophyllum mephiticum, Lyophyllum microsporum, Lyophyllum minimisporum, Lyophyllum miserum, Lyophyllum moncalvoanum, Lyophyllum montanum, Lyophyllum mugonis, Lyophyllum mugonis, Lyophyllum multiforme, Lyophyllum murinum, Lyophyllum musashiense, Lyophyllum mutabile, Lyophyllum mutabile, Lyophyllum mycenoides, Lyophyllum neoeucalypticum, Lyophyllum nigrescens, Lyophyllum nodulosporum, Lyophyllum obscurissimum, Lyophyllum ochraceobrunneum, Lyophyllum ochraceum, Lyophyllum ochrocinerascens, Lyophyllum odoratum, Lyophyllum oldae, Lyophyllum oligosterigmaticum, Lyophyllum onychinum, Lyophyllum onychinum, Lyophyllum osmophorum, Lyophyllum osmophorum, Lyophyllum ovisporum, Lyophyllum ovisporum, Lyophyllum ozes, Lyophyllum paelochroum, Lyophyllum pallidum, Lyophyllum palustre, Lyophyllum pergamenum, Lyophyllum persicolor, Lyophyllum persicolor, Lyophyllum phaeophyllum, Lyophyllum piceum, Lyophyllum piperatum, Lyophyllum platypum, Lyophyllum plexipes, Lyophyllum praslinense, Lyophyllum pseudoloricatum, Lyophyllum pseudosinuatum, Lyophyllum pudicum, Lyophyllum pulvis-horrei, Lyophyllum pusillum, Lyophyllum putidum, Lyophyllum rancidum, Lyophyllum raphanolens, Lyophyllum rhombisporum, Lyophyllum rhopalopodium, Lyophyllum roberti-salvatoris, Lyophyllum rosae-mariae, Lyophyllum rugulosum, Lyophyllum sabinum, Lyophyllum scabrisporum, Lyophyllum schulmannii, Lyophyllum schulzeri, Lyophyllum scobis, Lyophyllum sect. Carneoviolacea, Lyophyllum sect. Lyophyllum, Lyophyllum sect. Semitalini, Lyophyllum semitale, Lyophyllum semitale, Lyophyllum semiustum, Lyophyllum serius, Lyophyllum shimeji, Lyophyllum silanum, Lyophyllum solidipes, Lyophyllum solitarium, Lyophyllum soniae, Lyophyllum sphaerosporum, Lyophyllum stenosporum, Lyophyllum stirps Flavobrunnescens, Lyophyllum striaepileum, Lyophyllum striaepileum, Lyophyllum striipileum, Lyophyllum striipileum, Lyophyllum subeustygium, Lyophyllum subglobisporum, Lyophyllum subnigricans, Lyophyllum subnitens, Lyophyllum subsect. Amygdalosporina, Lyophyllum subsect. Lanzoniana, Lyophyllum subsect. Lyophyllum, Lyophyllum subsect. Semitalini, Lyophyllum subsimulans, Lyophyllum suburens, Lyophyllum sykosporum, Lyophyllum tenebrosum, Lyophyllum tesquorum, Lyophyllum tomentellum, Lyophyllum transforme, Lyophyllum trigonosporum, Lyophyllum tucumanense, Lyophyllum turcicum, Lyophyllum tylicolor, Lyophyllum ulmarium, Lyophyllum umbriniceps, Lyophyllum urbanense, Lyophyllum venezuelanum, Lyophyllum violaceifolium
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