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General information

 Summary:Hypomyces (Fr.) Tul. & C. Tul., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 13: 11 (1860) [MB#2446] 
 Synonymy:≡Hypocrea subgen. Hypomyces Fr., Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 105 (1825) [MB#700232]
≡Hypomyces sect. Hypomyces (Fr.) Tul. & C. Tul.: 11 (1860) [MB#548974]
≡Hypomyces subgen. Hypomyces (Fr.) Tul. & C. Tul.: 11 (1860) [MB#548975]
=Bonordenia Schulzer, Verhandlungen der Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft Wien 16: 58 (1866) [MB#626]
=Hypocrea subgen. Clintoniella Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 2: 532 (1883) [MB#700231]
=Calonectria sect. Chiajaea Sacc., Hedwigia: 33 (1896) [MB#700110]
 MycoBank #:2446 
 Authors:(Fries) Tulasne & C. Tulasne 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Tul. & C. Tul. 
 Page #:11 
 Year of effective publication:1860 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
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Classification and associated taxa

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Hypomyces aconidialis, Hypomyces agaricola, Hypomyces albidus, Hypomyces albus, Hypomyces amaniticola, Hypomyces amaurodermatis, Hypomyces apiculatus, Hypomyces apiosporus, Hypomyces arecae, Hypomyces arenaceus, Hypomyces armeniacus, Hypomyces asclepiadis, Hypomyces asterophorus, Hypomyces ater, Hypomyces ater, Hypomyces aurantiicolor, Hypomyces aurantius, Hypomyces aurantius, Hypomyces aureonitens, Hypomyces aureonitens, Hypomyces auriculariicola, Hypomyces australasiaticus, Hypomyces australbidus, Hypomyces australiensis, Hypomyces australis, Hypomyces badius, Hypomyces banningiae, Hypomyces banningii, Hypomyces baryanus, Hypomyces batavus, Hypomyces berkeleyanus, Hypomyces biasolettianus, Hypomyces boleti, Hypomyces boleticola, Hypomyces boletinus, Hypomyces boletiphagus, Hypomyces boletus, Hypomyces bombacinus, Hypomyces bombycinus, Hypomyces bresadolae, Hypomyces bresadolanus, Hypomyces bresadolianus, Hypomyces broomeanus, Hypomyces caledonicus, Hypomyces camphorati, Hypomyces cancri, Hypomyces candicans, Hypomyces caulicola, Hypomyces cervinigenus, Hypomyces cervinus, Hypomyces cesatii, Hypomyces chlorinigenus, Hypomyces chlorinus, Hypomyces chromaticus, Hypomyces chrysospermus, Hypomyces chrysostomus, Hypomyces citrinellus, Hypomyces completiopsis, Hypomyces completus, Hypomyces conviva, Hypomyces corticiicola, Hypomyces dactylarioides, Hypomyces decipiens, Hypomyces deformans, Hypomyces destruens-equi, Hypomyces ekmanii, Hypomyces ellipsosporus, Hypomyces epimyces, Hypomyces exiguus, Hypomyces favoli, Hypomyces fistulina, Hypomyces fistulinae, Hypomyces flavescens, Hypomyces flavolanatus, Hypomyces floccosus, Hypomyces fulgens, Hypomyces fulvus, Hypomyces fusisporus, Hypomyces gabonensis, Hypomyces galericola, Hypomyces geoglossi, Hypomyces goroshankianus, Hypomyces haematococcus, Hypomyces hrubyanus, Hypomyces hyacinthi, Hypomyces hyalinus, Hypomyces inaequalis, Hypomyces insignis, Hypomyces ipomoeae, Hypomyces javanicus, Hypomyces khaoyaiensis, Hypomyces lactifluorum, Hypomyces laeticolor, Hypomyces lanceolatus, Hypomyces lateritia, Hypomyces lateritius, Hypomyces leotiarum, Hypomyces leotiicola, Hypomyces leptosphaeriae, Hypomyces linearis, Hypomyces linkii, Hypomyces lithuanicus, Hypomyces luteo-virens, Hypomyces luteovirens, Hypomyces luteovirens, Hypomyces macrosporus, Hypomyces melanocarpus, Hypomyces melanochlorus, Hypomyces melanostigma, Hypomyces microspermus, Hypomyces miliarius, Hypomyces moellerianus, Hypomyces mycogones, Hypomyces mycophilus, Hypomyces niveus, Hypomyces novae-zealandiae, Hypomyces novae-zelandiae, Hypomyces ochraceus, Hypomyces odoratus, Hypomyces orthosporus, Hypomyces paeonius, Hypomyces pallidus, Hypomyces pannosus, Hypomyces papulasporae, Hypomyces papyraceus, Hypomyces parvisporus, Hypomyces parvus, Hypomyces peltigericola, Hypomyces penicillatus, Hypomyces pergamenus, Hypomyces perniciosus, Hypomyces petchii, Hypomyces pezizae, Hypomyces polyporinus, Hypomyces porotheliiformis, Hypomyces porphyreus, Hypomyces pseudocorticiicola, Hypomyces pseudopolyporinus, Hypomyces psiloti, Hypomyces puertoricensis, Hypomyces purpureus, Hypomyces purpureus, Hypomyces robledoi, Hypomyces rosellus, Hypomyces roseus, Hypomyces rostratus, Hypomyces rubi, Hypomyces samuelsii, Hypomyces sect. Euphypomyces, Hypomyces sect. Hypomyces, Hypomyces sect. Pseudomartiella, Hypomyces sect. Ramulariella, Hypomyces semicircularis, Hypomyces semitranslucens, Hypomyces sepulchralis, Hypomyces sepulcralis, Hypomyces sepultariae, Hypomyces siamensis, Hypomyces sibirinae, Hypomyces sinicus, Hypomyces solani, Hypomyces spadiceus, Hypomyces stephanomatis, Hypomyces stereicola, Hypomyces stilbiger, Hypomyces stuhlmannii, Hypomyces subaurantius, Hypomyces subgen. Berkelella, Hypomyces subgen. Hypomyces, Hypomyces subgen. Peckiella, Hypomyces subglobosus, Hypomyces subiculosa, Hypomyces subiculosus, Hypomyces succineus, Hypomyces sulphureus, Hypomyces sulphureus, Hypomyces sympodiophorus, Hypomyces tegillum, Hypomyces terrestris, Hypomyces terrestris, Hypomyces thailandicus, Hypomyces thiryanus, Hypomyces tomentosus, Hypomyces torminosus, Hypomyces transformans, Hypomyces tremellicola, Hypomyces trichoderma, Hypomyces trichothecioides, Hypomyces trichothecoides, Hypomyces triseptatus, Hypomyces tubariicola, Hypomyces tubericola, Hypomyces tuberosus, Hypomyces tulasneanus, Hypomyces vanbruntianus, Hypomyces vandae, Hypomyces villosus, Hypomyces violacea, Hypomyces violaceus, Hypomyces virescens, Hypomyces viridigriseus, Hypomyces viridis, Hypomyces volemi, Hypomyces vuilleminianus, Hypomyces xyloboli, Hypomyces xylophilus, Hypomyces yunnanensis
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